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  1. I would like a response from someone who actually bots RS3. If any VIP could add me on skkype to help me make sure, it would be awesome! Skype: amendes_rey
  2. I just wanna make bots for RS3. So you are 100% sure it passes the 6 hour limit?
  3. Do you bot RS3? Are you having those issues?
  4. I got some questions about RS3 and Tribot. 1) Is it fully developed and are people updating it, or was it completly set aside since OS bot came out? 2) Does it supports other languages? There is an option to spawn a client from other region, but it always spawn a english client, is that because I am not a VIP? 3) Does it supports 6 hour reload? I mean is it able to reload once the 6 hour limit hits? 4) How much CPU and RAM one client usually takes? I think thats is all. Thank you very much, I hope I can have all my questions responded, and if I like the answears I will not hesitate to buy VIP Thank you kindly, PatriqDesigns
  5. Ok then :c Maybe someday...
  6. I understand. Can someone provide me with like 1 day of VIP so I can mess with the API and if I like it, to write some scripts for RS3 so I could apply for Scripter? Or would someone be able to lend me their account?
  7. Do I have to be VIP to be able to make scripts for RS3? I just want to mess a bit with the API, and if I like maybe make somee scripts and guet Scripter. I just need to know this. If INDEED I do need VIP, could somehow, someone like give me VIP, or the abiltiy to run local scripts for 1 day? Thank you very much, PatriqDesigns
  8. Do i need vip to run locals? I want to make a couple of scripts, sick of powerbot so wanted to try 07 Could i develop not using vip?