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  1. nah m9-1 Jacmob was more legendary
  2. Thanks for the feedback, i'm a beginner just starting out in OOD c# and java. I've jumped between a few tutorials here and one of them had the style of lots of booleans. I tested for 5 mins and I think the problem is my interface is null - during testing I got a NPE when trying to click Make X. RSInterface makeArrows = Interfaces.get(306, 10); This interfaces text is "15 Arrows" so I chose the IDs 306, 10. So if it's null, how can I get the correct interface IDs ? It took me a while to get 306, 10. Currently reviewing warfront1's code
  3. I tried "Make X" and it did not work. I'm out the house now but ill try "Make x" later. Thanks for the speedy reply mate.
  4. Hey guys I've just started coding here and I'm having an issue with my script. Here is the source: https://pastebin.com/raw/PdHLgCjJ The issue is line 141: if (makeArrows != null && !makeArrows.isHidden() && makeArrows.click("X")) for some reason this statement is always returning false and goes on chop another tree., I think it can't click the Make X maybe? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. My files Xmouse_data-159621-1431871173702.dat
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