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  1. So today 4 of my bots where banned (all of them). The bots where botting different things so i figured they just wiped all the accounts on my IP. however, my mule which i use to sell the gold was not banned. Do you guys think i am blacklisted now? If so i'd have to buy proxies which i am fine with.
  2. Pleeeeeeease add wilderness runite mining, (banking via mage bank)
  3. Found the problem, thanks
  4. I love you (no homo), very good script flawless so far!!
  5. bought it again but i dont think ive bought the full script but owell. One question, when mining runite and are logging out, you could then make the script type the name and select the world faster cause jagex cant track that, am i right?
  6. @Aropupu Can i please have a refund? im gonna buy the full script instead. Filip