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  1. Does it work with eternal glory? I still have the problem with it banking a glory and grabbing a glory time after time... I don't have any other glory's then 0 and 6. and the bot says therei s nothing wrong
  2. @erickho123 I've noticed that crafting natures with LG sometimes the bot takes a new glory out of the bank and puts it back in. Time after time For the rest it works great, but the glory thing is fucking up
  3. Prodent

    Importance of LG

    indeed lol
  4. Prodent

    Bitcoin Payments

    When are you expecting to be fixed?
  5. Prodent

    Time until VIP-status kicks in?

    @TRiLeZ please fix the log in failure with LG and the normal payment options for credits
  6. Prodent

    This is Bulls$*$, how do I pay now?

    Well, same problem here, looks like they like to fuck us over. They had a great business, but somehow they fucked it all over
  7. Prodent

    Bug with Credit Purchase

    This is really shit, now the only way to buy Credits is from other players 1.5x the price. fuck that
  8. Prodent

    Credit card suspected to be fraudulent.

    I have the same problem with my paypal
  9. Prodent

    Looking for some Gold Farming guidance

  10. Prodent

    Quick and dirty GE API

  11. You can run it for ages unless there is an update. But it's not recommanded to run it for all week.
  12. My script doens't seem to start. I redownloaded Tri-bot and also deleted my Hooks.dat files but it won't open