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  1. Thanks for that idea! I will try another paypal email!
  2. Oh wait, my paypal itself is verified. It is the email Tribot has to send to my paypal email to get confirmed to use paypal for tribot
  3. no im waiting for that email
  4. Dear Tribotters, I wanted to use my paypal to buy credits. But I don't get the email to approve my paypal? What is going on? Prodnet
  5. Order Form:How many credits are you buying: 8.5 Have you added me on skype?: yesAre you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
  6. see title... shoot me a PM
  7. Does it work with eternal glory? I still have the problem with it banking a glory and grabbing a glory time after time... I don't have any other glory's then 0 and 6. and the bot says therei s nothing wrong
  8. @erickho123 I've noticed that crafting natures with LG sometimes the bot takes a new glory out of the bank and puts it back in. Time after time For the rest it works great, but the glory thing is fucking up
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