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  1. Clients lag if ram OR cpu is capped out. Get an i7 and 16gb of ram for PC, get a cooler, and also overclock it.
  2. Big vouch, very sound scripter. Quick to make fixes and great guy to work with overall, thanks man.
  3. You're not gonna get a good idea of the capabilities of the script with 2 hours of use. It's worth the 20$, you will, without uncertainty, make your money back.
  4. That's all I saw on the previous post was it being weakened. That making it the most logical explanation.
  5. No, but I have encountered it running off. Make sure u turn off auto client reload, it causes too many issues. Also, I saw a post that had a person dying at the dark wizards, so u could level ur account up a little and turn off auto retaliate so in the case that it does run off, it wont die there.
  6. I sure hope Trilez will be compensating for all your work
  7. He was saying to fill up baskets and sell them in the GE rather than filling boxes of bananas for the 30 gp.
  8. You are going to be hit with bans. IMO it is the best Public OSRS bot out there.
  9. This. People need to use more common sense. There's an automated bot detection system and it works fairly well.
  10. Motivation is from the time to profit ratio. If you're unmotivated you're not making enough money in comparison to your time and need to figure out other methods to make better/safer money.
  11. Pcpartpicker.com is a great site to build a pc. They'll help you ensure everything it compatable as well. Your emphasis on your computer is going to be on ur CPU. I recommend https://www.cpubenchmark.net/ to get your moneys worth on your CPU. Also, I really like the efficiency of the Intel chips so i'd recommend Intel over AMD. For 8 bots, 8 GB of RAM is more than enough. So I would buy 2 4GB sticks and leave the other 2 slots open in case you ever decide to expand. A video card also is NOT needed at all. So unless you plan on gaming on that PC i would recommend not buying a video card at all. On board graphics will be used then, I botted fine without any card.
  12. i see u showing off ur GPU mate. It doesn't effect bots at all
  13. A script that churns milk into butter. lvl 35 cooking I think and just need 28 buckets of milk to any churn.
  14. No, it can items to shops. Say you have farmed up a few million of a single item, it will be able to sell them all to a shop.