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  1. Because I don't really care about the community. I'm only lurking bc I'm waiting for a scripter to update a thread. Botting communities are shit, everyone who posts is new. If you want helpful information find a few friends that have some experience.
  2. Nah you're an idiot. OP's post gives next to nothing to help other users, it's simply just 2 combat script recommendations. Botting to max combat w/o bans is probably the easiest thing to do. Oh, he also told us to use LG! No fucking shit man. Sure his post was in good faith, but the title is extremely misleading. I guarantee everyone who opened this post was expecting a lot more in-depth details on how he was avoiding bans.
  3. Apologies, should have done some troubleshooting before. Fixed it by deleting tribot data from .tribot folder
  4. Currently not dropping any ores when I'm using it to power mine at Ardougne East. I've tried changing every drop option but none are working.
  5. Please PM me, looking to do this relatively quickly
  6. and he actually is reputable
  7. I wonder if its even possible to do. Not exactly sure how the looking glass works
  8. kennno

    Botting Rig Help

    If you buy an 8 core cpu u can have a 500$ rig that can easily run 50 bots
  9. are u giving bstaffs to ur ironman lol
  10. You're not going to find anyone to walk you through gold farming the way you want. Look at public threads people have made about bans or what not. Only word of advice I will give you is that bans are impossible to avoid using public scripts.
  11. he's on vaca for a few more days
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