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  1. 2 but sometimes I do 3, I also do it on a random world by my self. - it ran all last night without any problems when I unequipped everything and banked everything except for the tickets..
  2. so I've been using this script or a couple of days quite a bit and for some reason it keeps logging out of one of my accounts, the other accounts are all doing fine and I've tried switching clients and such but it just doesn't seem logical to why it would just stop working every 20-30 minutes on my 1 account.. Any reasons why ?
  3. Tried that and nope, still dying at switching prayer / switching attack style..
  4. Hey, Ive been using the trial and the script runs fine until about 3 quarters into the fight and then it just gets stuck on switching prayer and dies.. Any ideas why ?
  5. I could careless m8, Its a tribot account. I have plenty of others.
  6. what ? I've been botting on and off for 3 years.. Especially when LG came out. I actually come on these forums quite often but only lurk in the shadows. Anyways 10 days later & client isn't working, wasted money on membership for rs and just to sit here with my dick in my hand. I made this thread in hoping someone new a email I could contact tribot support at so I could just ask for a refund instead of going through the hassle of contacting my bank but Its looking like I'm going to have to go that way. Does tribot have no support email lol ?
  7. Thanks for all the replies, But you think I haven't checked the forums in 10 days ? I dont want to be compensated.. I want a refund. Read my post.
  8. Hi, Ive been a member of tribot for almost 3 years now and I recently bought vip & Vip E. I am very disapointed as it has been a week and I have yet to use the bot. Ive wasted my money on member ship and this bot. Does any one know a email I can contact Trilez at so I can get a refund for this cause this is disgusting. Thanks.
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