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  1. So, I bought a proxy to test, in the hopes of buying bulk. It took longer than 24hours to be delivered. Next thing I know, the proxy doesnt work, it's dead before i've even used it, so a few days a go I submitted a ticket asking for help, no response. So I went to the live chat over 48hours later and after a long chat 'Sergey' tells me that within 12hours, I will recieve an email explanation and a fix of the issue including some form of extension because of the issues caused. Well over 30hours+ later, still nothing. And the live chat has been down all day. All this for one proxy in hopes of buying more. If a customer cannot even get one proxy, I hate to think how other potential customers must feel when something goes wrong. I did not want to leave this review like this, but nobody is helping me out and I'm a paying customer. feel free to contact me to resolve this..
  2. Heres a start! Thanks! zyteog Xmouse_data-158791-1457985757009.dat
  3. Haha nice work, shocked to be honest from only two accounts.