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  1. Although i have just noticed when there are 4 attack styles is recognises 1 as 0, 2 as 1 and so on
  2. [19:39:48] [nRestocker] Ending script: Failed to set att style 100 times [19:39:48] [Debug] Script terminating [19:39:48] [Debug] Script ending [19:39:49] [Session Tracker] Data updated successfully
  3. Is there a way in progression to choose which attack style to start with? When running a farm i find if it starts with for e.g. defence in the task and the style is on strength, it will just continuously fight strength as it never exits the loop.
  4. You currently have the bot stop if a task fails, isit possible to make this have a conditional end? I.E i use this bot to stock up a gold farm to then equip armour, the combat bot i use doesn't always work how i'd like it to so i need to make sure the combat style is correct. If i tell it to change combat style to 4 and it already is 4 the script will just end and not do the log out task which will then restart on the script queue on the same account if that makes sense? In short, can there be an option on the task queue to whether the script will end or not upon failure, sometimes a task can be in there just for a failsafe
  5. I am offering to set up your own private SOCKS5 proxy for 10m gp! No more sharing proxies Only you will have the log in details, it will be on your own AWS VM server, and the good think is it is free to run the server at the minute on AWS. I will do all the server side configuring, great for bot farming. Full instructions on how to start the server running and shut it down will be provided after configuration PM me for details
  6. A lot of the time the bot gets stuck behind the trees and can't move when trying to run towards the mansion I noticed that the bot had actually received the blessed axe, but must have lost upon death so i had to manually get another. The position the bot was in also was quite hard to get to, to recover items. The bot seems to struggles with doors and knowing what room it's in, i found this on a few accounts with the waterfall quest when trying to get the Ammy and the quest where need to go into the room to collect broken glass (minds gone blank) Manually rotating the camera or sometimes ensuring the client is in fixed mode helps push the bot along. Permanent issues that happen every time are. Animal Magnetism - Bones not being fully ground before talking to disciple Sea slug - Quest on the island where need to go into his hut/building to get the broken glass, gets stuck behind door outside. When doing prayer in wildy, it will use the zammy wine to die even if have nearly full invent of dbones. If you have a Kalphite slayer task and it spots someone in the middle section, it runs right and because such a low level is gets destroyed and dies immediately. When restocking for Kalphite it will tele all the way to castle wars, restock then tele to Duel arena when it could just bank at shantasy
  7. Noticed this one a few times, Dies trying to cut tree, there is no axe in invent, and no blessed axe anywhere even in bank
  8. Error: Just keeps clicking this door: The lever needs to be pulled but keeps walking either side of the door, Client debug just repears next Lever E
  9. Error, Just stands there clicking the disciple repeatedly. There is still 1 set of bones in the machine which needs to be manually wound to collect the last bones
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