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  1. Can anyone provide a good gear set up to use, bosses to use and method to use for best xp with this bot?
  2. Unfortunately i have moved past this part now, It's the 4th account in 3 weeks to have this error, it completes the 3rd quiz and then goes and stands next to the south most worker. The bot then says about using invitation on worker, but it hasn't done the talisman section. This is a great bot, such a shame it's going, even paid the higher 2 week fee to keep using
  3. The digsite quest always gets stuck on using invitation on workman, it skips searching the cupboards for pic etc and searching for ancient talismant
  4. Can you confirm the set up i need for master/slave? my slave just gets stuck at "Banking with Aisles". Do i start the slave with anything? if so what and how much? I have started with nothing in invent and with coins/25 noted ess and everytime just gets stuck at aisles, even walks to aisles with nothing in invent And when i try and do a botted master/slave the master just says waiting for slave then never does anything even when the slave is there trying to trade
  5. If I wanted to stay at an alter myself and have slaves run to me and trade the account I'm handling is this possible?
  6. Any idea when the free trials which didn't reset in march will be fixed?
  7. blackjacking doesn't work that well, keeps saying knocked out successful when all it has done is hover over, never actually knocks out, works well until they catch you trying to blackjack them, once you have been stunned struggles to knock them out again
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