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  1. hey, looking for someone to do some really simple low level combat levelling on a few accounts for me. hit me on skype to discuss pricing totalytal.tribot
  2. Hey, I have a variety of things that I need manually done for the accounts in my farm, from tut island to levelling certain skills. Post here or add me on skype if interested. skype: totalytal.tribot thank you!
  3. bought a script, he finished very quickly, support was almost instant, and he was just a fantastic guy to work with. Can't wait to buy more. Highly recommend
  4. ordering a large amount of tut islands on skype now
  5. Bulletproof coffee for breakfast. I add a little bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract, and if i'm feeling really crazy, an egg yolk. Will keep me full for hours. One thing i've noticed is that nobody seems to actually blend their bulletproof coffee, and it makes the biggest difference as far as taste/texture. Other than that I do slow carb (tim ferrriss) and it's absolutely fantastic.
  6. minds 4.5 each airs 5.5 each pm thanks!
  7. Absolutely lovely script, it has already paid for the unlimited auth with just 1 account. going to try expanding to a few more when i'm not lazy
  8. Cheers Xmouse_data-158390-1433055293997.dat
  9. sure thing, add me on skype totalytal.tribot
  10. The amount I care about your opinions is so infinitesimally small it barely warrants a response. If anyone else is interested, I'm still open to discuss. Can provide pictures of the setup if requested!
  11. Hey guys! I've currently got 8 computers, dual core, 4gb of ram (one quad core 12gb RAM) that are all dedicated to botting. I have the ability to maintain the bots 24/7, and have partnered with a private scripter to provide private scripts for whatever methods we end up doing. We can currently run 59 accounts at once. We have over 600 accounts run through tutorial island and 60 accounts with combat stats levelled to appear less bottey. We have TriBot routed through Tor on each computer, allowing for constantly changing IPs to avoid chain bans. I am looking for good methods that can be scaled to at least 20 accounts at a time without overly disrupting the market. Need someone to come on board and work for a % of total profits + a down payment can be provided if the methods are enticing enough. Looking for 100k-300k/hr methods, stuff that can be done with low reqs and low gp needed on accounts. This is a serious operation and we are looking for someone with a really great understanding of the game. We will handle all $ needed for running and maintaining the farm, all we need are good methods. Please post here or message/skype me to discuss further! totalytal.tribot
  12. 5-7 (conservatively) per computer. 2 of them can run 10 at once. My friend buys and repairs computers so I have virtually unlimited access to more computers if there is a need to expand
  13. Any links to guidelines/rules on the matter? What do you mean by operating within the rules as far as partnering?