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  1. To be clear, I want to say that although there are some minor issues with the script, mainly revolving around RSBuddy API issues, I still firmly believe this is the single best script for farming on Tribot. <3
  2. hi, as stated, i'm looking for someone to manually level some accounts for me. Must not use bots, I will know if you do will pay a fair rate. Very simple early level stuff for antiban, and a few quests potentially. Pm to discuss
  3. One would be quite involved and time consuming, and i'd expect it to be fairly expensive. The other one would most likely be easy - medium level. Pm for more details
  4. Thanks for the update, don't know what you're going through but glad you're doing better and hope that continues to improve <3 sent you a pm on discord, may have a workaround for you for the rsbuddy API. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  5. Current Issues: Can't load new items (Granite ring, etc) even when resetting Item Data Bot gets stuck Idling on login, won't open GE. If I manually open the GE the bot will begin making trades as usual.
  6. support for this script seems to have gone downhill, I used to be able to get a response within hours, now I've been waiting almost a week to answers on multiple issues i'm having :/
  7. i really think a backup api needs to be prioritized, it's frustrating that this beautiful script is down so often and is at the mercy of RSBuddy's API. I know a few of the merch sites have backup APIs already in place and I think it would help tremendously with consistency on this one, as i have 10+ item lists that will do 200k+ for 60hrs+, and sometimes 17k/hr based solely on RSbuddy API connection issues.
  8. closed, found scripter
  9. have this same issue, using looking glass.
  10. hey, looking for someone to do some really simple low level combat levelling on a few accounts for me. hit me on skype to discuss pricing totalytal.tribot
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