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  1. I've been programming servers for years. I think it is you who is clueless here. The sound files in the cache aren't named, so the only way to map their index to the game actions is to either look (listen) through them by hand(which isn't an viable option as there is over 3000 of them..) or use a modified client to print their IDs from the real game... and I'm not talking about ambient object sounds which I know configs are stored in loc.dat...
  2. I could dump a list of all interactive object locations along with their names out of the actual map region files. How much are you paying for it?
  3. It would be nice if a hook could be added to print the sound and music IDs when the respective packets get sent to the client
  4. Why wouldn't an rs server emulation have the musics and sounds? Many people like them.
  5. Ok thats unfortunate but thanks for answering my question. If anyone knows of an other bot client that supports this, send me a PM
  6. Hello I'm making a private server, and sound IDs are the hardest thing to find.... can the Tribot client be used to print the sound IDs that play in game?
  7. Amount you want to buy: $15 worth Do you agree to my TOS: Yes. Have you added me on skype: Yes. What payment method will you use: Paypal.
  8. It's for making a map editor for Rs2 clients, most of ground decor and wall decor is just called "null" in the cache.
  9. Still looking for someone.
  10. oh well, I've bought gold from YoHoJo a few weeks ago without any problems, maybe he would sell it to me again.
  11. If you have a reliable seller on skype we can do a group convo, ill pay them with paypal and they can deliver the gold to you.
  12. The task involves going to various places in Runescape with Tribot client open and noting down some object IDs. It will take about 1 hour to complete. Payment is $5 pp.
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