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  1. I forgot my runescape password but the client remembers its is there any way to get it out of the client?
  2. I am looking for someone to help me get a good gold farm set up and I will split the profits with them once its set up.
  3. I am wanting to team up with an experienced farmer. I have been trying to do it myself and the profit is not where I see others to be. I have the resources such as spare accounts, scripts, and the time. I am willing to split the gold 60/40. 60 being what the future partner would get. Add me on skype if you are interested: Krylovix I did not know where to post this so I hope it fits here.
  4. I run a 2-3 but I have them botting different things.
  5. What about on a mac? I can not find the appdata
  6. krylovix

    Client wont start?

    Mine just suddenly stopped working as well!
  7. Don't bot hunter on it I recently got my main perm banned and its total level was 1600, did not bot anything previous to hunter.
  8. Thank you, I am resolving this with my bank.
  9. Well they are losing potential customers
  10. Where are the admin's on this?
  11. I put my information in and it does a check mark at the end after entering my card... then it goes back to the credit page and no credits were added? Kind of scares me;(
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