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  1. You actually got to 99 on a free one and I spent 60 dollars on one? wow
  2. Herbs cleaner which doesn't use an animation so it just looked like I was afk :/
  3. I recently bought a new private script which ran flawlessly and bought 3 proxies to run 3 bots all with different IPs. After like an hour or 2 of botting 2 of them were banned, they ran perfect, I was watching them and also did very human like actions. The only things I could think of are... 1. I created the accounts a long time ago on a different IP, accounts were like 4 years old. 2. I had 3 different proxy clients up and may of logged into different RS accounts on each client (2 accounts on 1 IP) Anything else could of been a problem? I really want to get into botting, I pulled out all the stops to ensure minimum bans but 2/3 got banned within an hour or so... Help
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