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  1. Scowl

    Gold Dupe

    Idk if you remember the pre-eoc dupe glitch at the duel arena/bounty hunter, but prices dramatically dropped, then re-stabilized to prior prices, but dropped again due to EoC.
  2. Hey, does the slave/master method work only via general store or can it work via abyss as well?
  3. Not unless they're going for weekend suicides then it really doesn't matter.
  4. I liked this response from a major gold buyer/seller, and it's scary how even you don't know what is happening 100%, maybe a duplication glitch like the BH glitch from pre-eoc rs?
  5. I can complete these accounts for you rather quickly and I've got 35+ vouches off site, see here: http://www.sythe.org/vouches-forum/1512196-scowls-vouches.html I also have my own service on that website for this purpose I can link it to you in skype. My skype is eazye-pb, will confirm That I am scowl on the other site as well.
  6. Request: - private script Description: - really simple in general, hardest part would be the anti-ban. Payment Amount: - Up for discussion Payment Type: - Tribot credits, pp . Time: - 2 weeks Additional: add my skype up to discuss even further about the script, my skype: eazye-pb, also don't forget to pm me on here.
  7. Umm could anyone explain this to me please?
  8. When I use breaks it wont log back in the the account after it takes a break.
  9. Great script, its made me some money, btw is there a way we can check the high scores for this?
  10. you are right, becuase hunting defiently doesnt have the highest ban rate............... (<--------- sarcasm)
  11. Hey so I just recently started goldfarming again in rs07 as I need a bit of extra rsgp, basically i have 10 tri Puro Puro lifetime auths, I am to lazy to get 10 accounts to 81 hunter with the lost city quest req and 50 magic (or whatever lv snare is), so I am purposing a Partnership where you get the accounts to 81 hunter and all the requirements, and I bot them. I have a i7 prossecor with 16gbs of ram so 10 accounts run fairly well for me. With this I will pay for the expenses; in-game items, 07 memberships (30days), Tribot vip, vpns etc. With this method we would be getting around 200-300k an hour and I would be running the bots around 18hrs a day thats anywhere between 3.6mil-5.4mil a day per accounts, around $7.50-$11.00 per account every day. Proof I own auths: http://imgur.com/YjQKW4h If you want to know more information about puro hunting or about the script and or scripter here is the link to the scripts: thread:https://tribot.org/forums/topic/2142...0mill-proggys/ A quick note you can bot the requirements for the accounts, just dont get them banned, also I am looking for someone trusted to do this with. IF you are interested please add my skype: eazye-pb My profile: over 15+ vouches with donor rank: http://www.sythe.org/members/361998-scowl.html Note: I do have wHunter, the reason I am not using it is because I dont want my accounts to get banned during set-up
  12. Hey do you plan on adding a feature in which if it loses the stake it will double up? e.g if it loses 100k stake, it will stake 200k next time, and if it still loses it will go to 400k, and keep doubling, until it wins then it will reset back to 100k.
  13. hey, ill buy both add my skype: eazye-pb
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