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  1. fixeddd. finally. close plox
  2. yup poor customer service continues.. @TRiLeZ @Usa... c'mon guys...
  3. 7th August still waiting for help.
  4. yep still having this issue, @Usa @Trilez... 3 months now guys without help or a reply? is this how you give support? terrible customer support.
  5. 31/7 still having same problem. Guna keep posting till gets fixed. Support = 0%. @Usa @TRiLeZ
  6. 28/9 yep still have this issue... @TRiLeZ 29/9 ongoing issue still @Usa , @TRiLeZ
  7. emailed the support email address. & saw @TRiLeZ looking at this thread, but got no reply thus far. =[
  8. amazing work @TRiLeZ! amazing.
  9. i dont have access to the IP i used to create this account as my ISP recycled the IP months ago. @TRiLeZ please help. problem still unresolved. cant use the bot or do anything...
  10. id's have been changed with the UI update. patience guys. Trilez will have a fuck ton of work to do as this is a big update to the gamepack.
  11. @Starfox the logout button has now changed could you update the script so that it can log my mule out. i feel uncomfortable leaving it logged in all day. edit: realised you might be using the built in tribot logout feature in which i'l wait for trilez to fix. thanks, pug
  12. that means that the ban expires from your account status on 5/20/16 but your account is playable in 2 days
  13. found a temp work around. to do this, open my documents at the top type into the window: %appdata%/.tribot/ delete the tribot folder then repopen tribot. will now open client. your welcome.
  14. found a temp work around. delete your tribot folder at: %appdata%/.tribot/ then repopen tribot. will now open client.
  15. hey, i have since found this thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36389-tutorial-sigma-botfarm-manager-tutorial-sigma-mule-also-great-for-non-goldfarmers/ there is no link to it in this thread or anywhere that its needed lol. i have since got it working like a dream