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  1. amazing work @TRiLeZ! amazing.
  2. @Starfox the logout button has now changed could you update the script so that it can log my mule out. i feel uncomfortable leaving it logged in all day. edit: realised you might be using the built in tribot logout feature in which i'l wait for trilez to fix. thanks, pug
  3. that means that the ban expires from your account status on 5/20/16 but your account is playable in 2 days
  4. found a temp work around. to do this, open my documents at the top type into the window: %appdata%/.tribot/ delete the tribot folder then repopen tribot. will now open client. your welcome.
  5. hey, i have since found this thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36389-tutorial-sigma-botfarm-manager-tutorial-sigma-mule-also-great-for-non-goldfarmers/ there is no link to it in this thread or anywhere that its needed lol. i have since got it working like a dream
  6. ive had the same problem today fixed it by doing the following. go to your app data folder and delete the tribot folder. uninstall java download java jre 8 & install. reopen tribot loader works.
  7. this was posted in january and there still isnt a hint of information on how to set it up or a video to explain anything of how to use it yet you expect people to pay 20$ / month ? baffled.
  8. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    if you have access to the human mouse data then you should be fine because manual clicks and botted ones will be the same as the client will be using your own data.
  9. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    lol'd im from the last generation of botters, wasnt aware kids on the internet hunt botters with such enthusiasm lol. Not really botted at all on sunday, and certainly wont be botting monday or tuesday mornings as this is jagex full office. Will continue with new method + accounts on wednesday Need to put some time in on GTA pc
  10. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    i have a bigger decision now what to i do to make money? this one account is having an amazing run lol made it 67 wc idk how, so had nice profits out of that to add to my cash pile. i was thinking either oak planks, or maybe runecrafting. I have been working on my rc script from another site i have reused the code to use on another client. choices choices.
  11. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    i always thought delayed bans were system flagging the account then being checked at a later time by staff. E.g the next day. Also on the night time ban thing, im from the UK and last night was the first time ive had a decent run without a ban. Had two accounts running all night without any issues. Will update first page now Keep the discussion going this is great. LOOKING FOR MY FIRST METHOD TO START MAKING $$ POST YOUR BEST.
  12. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    oh wow so there are children these days that tweet j mods? *cringe* anyway, yep all the accounts got banned lol. Started again last night and left them on over night. Woke up and expected yeh they will be banned for sure. Nope still cutting after 9 hours, i was like wtf. But then i thought shit how am i guna get 4k logs off each accounts. No worries, did rune mysteries, cooks assistant & romeo n juliet on both accounts at the same time, walking back to meet my mule and BOOM they both log out, im like oh ffs you dare do what i think your doing. Yep both ban hammered lol FFS sent 30 mins doing quests then hammered. fu jagex lol. Started 3 more accounts this morning both done quests first + new mule. off we go again lol'd no more posting pics on here of locations / accounts guys ;D
  13. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    18 hours botting is impossible on f2p accounts lol. Had 9 accounts banned today already...
  14. Puggles

    New Bot Farm

    good shout, i dont use proxies anyway, waste of money i dont think they add that much better protection anyway, i can change my ip on my router as many times as i want so thats not a problem thanks.
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