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  1. Puggles

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    amazing work @TRiLeZ! amazing.
  2. @Starfox the logout button has now changed could you update the script so that it can log my mule out. i feel uncomfortable leaving it logged in all day. edit: realised you might be using the built in tribot logout feature in which i'l wait for trilez to fix. thanks, pug
  3. Puggles

    I delted temp file and I got banned right away?

    that means that the ban expires from your account status on 5/20/16 but your account is playable in 2 days
  4. Puggles

    Are you going to fix the problem? - It cannot open.

    found a temp work around. to do this, open my documents at the top type into the window: %appdata%/.tribot/ delete the tribot folder then repopen tribot. will now open client. your welcome.
  5. hey, i have since found this thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36389-tutorial-sigma-botfarm-manager-tutorial-sigma-mule-also-great-for-non-goldfarmers/ there is no link to it in this thread or anywhere that its needed lol. i have since got it working like a dream
  6. Puggles

    Tribot loader finishes but nothing happens?

    ive had the same problem today fixed it by doing the following. go to your app data folder and delete the tribot folder. uninstall java download java jre 8 & install. reopen tribot loader works.
  7. this was posted in january and there still isnt a hint of information on how to set it up or a video to explain anything of how to use it yet you expect people to pay 20$ / month ? baffled.
  8. Puggles

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    I posted 23 files next to each other, in one post on page 47? that equates to roughly eight minutes or 500kb per file; If you don't miss click more than 25 times. Anyone with a file over 1mb has an odd computer setup. Multiple miss clicks dont appear to increase the file size very much. not sure about time taken. Do research? LAWL please. Have you seen your response. My god you are the epitome of my comment.
  9. Puggles

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    you can upload all your files in the same post people... click on upload file, click the first one, hold shift, click on the tenth one upload reclick on upload select the next ten upload click on the last 3 upload post comee onnnn, engage brain please.
  10. Puggles

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    here is my 23 thanks for all you're hard work @TRiLeZ Xmouse_data-157683-1428778957411.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428812488243.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428815076905.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428815710128.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428816374925.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428816948531.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428817496611.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428819318256.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428819822528.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428820376079.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428820954130.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428821584292.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428863068415.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428863614080.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428865328604.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428865829539.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428866483312.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428866983800.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428867495601.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428868235847.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428868934939.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428869446591.dat Xmouse_data-157683-1428870097596.dat
  11. look at the trend graph prices already crashing through the roof. Method will be dead in less than 2 weeks. Just like sorc garden died. All because people undercutting each other and cant be arsed to wait a few minutes more to sell goods.
  12. suggestion for you dax, When repairing as an option maybe we should stand between bucket fill up and the bank when waiting for bars because thats where pipes break most often. part from that, thanks.
  13. yeah at the trout / salmon fishing spot in barb village, got a picture of it here for you as it just happened got the debug in there if that helps to: stuck on otherside of river bank.
  14. Hey dude, the script has some serious walking problems when fishing at barb village, it walks to close to the river. A miss click causes it to walk over the bridge and round to the other side of the bank. Also when it gets to edgeville it will walk round the back of the bank and in through the top door or even get stuck in a loop walking in and out of the bank for minutes at a time. Even got stuck by the coffins a few times. =\