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  1. Hey mate glad to hear, I've just purchased the script and it freezes on start (on a mac) I've tried changing the heap size on start up (256, 512, 1024). Do you know if there's a way to fix this? Otherwise is it possible to get a refund please?
  2. disappointed with the trial. trialed for cake stall. Script would run to other side of the ardy market when it only requires 2 steps to lose aggression. it would spam stall causing guards to keep coming rather than waiting till they are out of range and then banking was bugged as well. couldnt even get an inventory in. Might be due to recent updates, other than that looks pretty solid.
  3. has anyone used this script to purely level up hunter on a main account rather than gold farming? i know the ban rates pretty high so just seeing if anyones been able to get hunter cape or something without getting hit with the ban hammer
  4. not too sure how to make a gif of it but im struggling with swamp lizards as it is coming up as NOT OURS when it sets a trap and then continues to try set up a third trap even though i dont have the level req. Not sure if jamflex did something in a recent update, ive tried to continue setting the trap to see if it changes as one of the traps will work fine but the second trap wont register as mine. Both swamp lizard spots show this
  5. just curious if there would be the possibility to use this script as a 10hp account running it on a low level slayer master, it would require having cannon setting with no attacking just high alching or something while cannon kills the tasks.
  6. Im a 10hp account i want to get strength and defence up at the warriors guild is there a script out there that would be good? im surprised we dont have a good one for those mini games
  7. is it the script or the clients anti ban that afks? I sit around 20k xp or under an hour at bax falls due to the length of the afk simulations. is there a way to make it so that it is actually active.
  8. hey just wondering with the drop method (doing barb fishing) is it meant to only fish 2-3 at a time and then dropping or is that an issue on my side? that + the anti ban afking the xp rates are halfed, also the movement is very bot like, happy waiting looking forward to the fixes
  9. mate just wanna say youre a legend. Sometimes life just comes and slaps you and your family in the face, good luck with all of it and hopefully you have some good luck come your way
  10. yup that did the job thankyou, i was starting to think might be the firewall cause i wasnt getting the option to allow. thanks again
  11. yeah i thought maybe it was just a client/OS issue but as every other script of mine works all i can think about is either its the script in general thats down or it isnt responding with the mac OS very well.
  12. Looking at seeing how far i can get on an iron man that i bot up. Running a macbook pro 2015 which lags when i try to do LG or run two clients at once so I do safe stuff if i am doing more than one account, so ill be using normal client. Im waiting for the wintertodt bot to start working as on my mac it wont load, i was looking at a thiever but wasnt satisfied at the scripts there plus i might wait till i have unlocked blackjacking anyway for 99. The account is new so mining/wcing etc wont be efficient with a bronze-steel tool. So wintertodt to 75-99 is the current plan to make some cash. going to try agility as well. what other bots are good to use an iron man acc on, any advice?
  13. whats the state of this script? looking at getting thieving up on my iron man as a first 99
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