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  1. Same issue here. Is it working for anyone else?
  2. also forgot to add lg helps too.
  3. depends what u were botting too .. NMZ is low risk , fishing is really high risk
  4. Bone looter , and bank from wildy
  5. when jagex says soon it means months .... in feb a similar post which stated "Months" ... dont get high hopes lol
  6. Keep us posted man
  7. mining has high ban rates, if i was u ... just bot its for 2-3 hrs baby sitting per day max.
  8. how do u guys get 2 day bans lol , i normally get perma lol xD
  9. Can I also add to this I don't bot during gmt work hours to eliminate the chance of manual detection bans I don't use the most common botting methods, for example I wont go to yaks to train combat ect.
  10. Im currently having this same issue.