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  1. If you're only planning on running 20-30 clients at the same time this build is overkill. You can do it with an AMD processor build which is much cheaper. If you're ever planning to expand past that then yeah, get that build as it can probably reach 70+ bots depending on the script.
  2. I'm not 100% sure. First of all I haven't even started overclocking it. I'm still using the processor as it is by default. Second of all, I made the mistake of only buying 16GB of RAM and not 32GB so that is currently limiting me. ATM I don't have the need to run more bots so I'm leaving it as is. The most I've ever ran on that PC for real was 63. I was at ~80%ish CPU and over-capped on RAM A LOT since the bot I use starts off at ~150MB then slowly goes to and caps at 400MB. I have a friend running 100 bots on that processor with 32GB of RAM so it's definitely doable. The script used also plays a big part. If I did something like Flax Spinning where you AFK most of the time I'm sure I can just cease all calculations and set FPS to 1 and I would use like nothing and probably be able to run even more than 100. This is what my task manager looks like usually (The picture was taken yesterday; I just pulled it from my history): http://i.imgur.com/LS8qOeq.png I was only running like 35 bots or something and you can clearly see my CPU is nowhere near even 50% where as my RAM is almost capped.
  3. You're giving a list of incompatible parts to someone that has no clue what they're doing and saying it's a decent setup... If you're going to post crap then at least don't say it's a decent setup. Say here are some parts I think are decent that you should consider. You said "a decent video card". You can use a 64MB and probably even 8MB (Minimum required to run Windows 7 and some Linux distros) video card and goldfarm well. EDIT: @OP yes. I don't know how much RAM TRiBot uses exactly but you don't really need a lot. It's usually a set amount per bot. You can use a $50.00 storage device and power supply. The motherboard price will vary depending on your CPU choice but you can get it for $50.00-$125.00. You should probably get a case with decentish air flow with at least 3 case fans and a ~$50.00 or so CPU fan and you should be good with cooling. The rest should go towards the CPU since that's what matters the most and is usually what limits people when trying to goldfarm.
  4. @shenanigans seems like he doesn't exactly know what he's talking about. He's right about needing a lot of CPU power and RAM however the build he linked wouldn't even boot up due to the motherboard not having the right slot for that processor. RuneScape 2007 DOES NOT use a video card even if you have one. Don't waste your money on one if you're just trying to goldfarm. This is the build I have currently: http://secure.newegg.ca/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=20503594 This build runs way more than you need though. If you ever need to run 70+ you should get this build but get 32GB of RAM since my RAM is limiting me ATM. I made the cost back in about a week and a few days back when gold was $1.60/Mish.
  5. Preach. It was fun getting my dick sucked at first but now it's just fucking annoying.
  6. Any item. Show me your math that gets you 300k/hour on any item and I'll point out what's wrong with your calculations. xD
  7. LMAO, nice meme. You're probably not including rune costs in your calculations.
  8. You only need 33 Magic, a few runes and membership. xD
  9. If their rules about making paid scripts were more lenient I would make one of these here. :C RIP users.
  10. It's not a joke.
  11. I got banned for this 2 days ago too. RIP TRiBot.
  12. RIP Support rank. What kind of Support dumps their item on TRiBot???
  13. So then you give out free accounts to people to bot with??? Invest in a good private script that works and you won't have to manage anything other than selling gold. Losing a few hours when RuneScape updates is not worth bringing in and paying an extra partner. xDD I'm not trying to be negative. Instead of taking my comments as negativity you should be using them as constructive criticism to make your business better. You can easily manage this yourself and making ~500M a month rather than doing it with 5 people and splitting profits and wasting time making your own accounts.
  14. No it's not. How is it safer? As a team you'd just lose money to your partners because you'd have to split your profits. This is an operation that is extremely easy to run solo. Why would someone pay to rent a host when they can just buy a hosting account for 5M and have their own lifetime host??? 5M is jack shit. Why would you waste 5 hours of IRL time making an account to host with when they cost 5M? That's slaving yourself for $2.00 an hour... You just buy more accounts from your profits. Your business plan is just horrible which is why this will never work.