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  1. Any item. Show me your math that gets you 300k/hour on any item and I'll point out what's wrong with your calculations. xD
  2. LMAO, nice meme. You're probably not including rune costs in your calculations.
  3. You only need 33 Magic, a few runes and membership. xD
  4. If their rules about making paid scripts were more lenient I would make one of these here. :C RIP users.
  5. Haku_


    You can get banned for an AFK script. I know people that are trying to bypass the 24h F2P limit that are getting banned using AFK scripts.
  6. Haku_

    Work with multiple classes (quite a mess)

    ITT you should invest in a Java book before you attempt scripting.
  7. Perhaps I'm wrong but I've noticed that there is no way to script or release a script here without VIP. I wanted to start scripting here before, however I noticed you guys had pretty much everything made already. After some lurking I noticed that a lot of stuff is either abandoned or shitty. I know people here overpay for everything so I'm intrigued to try to start again.