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  1. Alright, perfect. I'll let him know. I'll be middlemanning so nothing sketchy happens.
  2. Current RS07 GP price range is ~1-1.44/M. The middle would be 1.22/M. 19.2/1.22 = 15.737704918032786885245901639344 Would 15.75M RS07 GP be good?
  3. You got scammed for $19.20 a while back and the user is willing to pay you back now. I will help arrange this. Obviously since he charged you back before he won't be paying you from his PayPal again so perhaps he will sell some gold to a GP company and they'll pay you or something. I'll let you know what we decide. It would be awesome if you could add me on Skype. My Skype is "VladBots". @Worthy please let me know if he won or lost that chargeback if not he will pay you back as well.
  4. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40146-dispute-against-returnofbotting012/ Found another one but this one's easy to pay back if he didn't already win the dispute.
  5. Thanks for clarifying my post. Thank you for your help! I noticed he was inactive and that's why I made this thread. If he doesn't reply in a few days we'll just donate the scammed amount to a charity.
  6. Hi. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section. I didn't know where else to put it or who to PM here. I'm a moderator offsite and I'm here seeking your help with helping some scam victims get paid back. The person who committed the following scam, https://tribot.org/forums/topic/24240-did-i-get-scammed/ is sorry for his past actions wishes to pay back the users he scammed in order to return to the community I moderate. I can see the guy has not been active for a while. Would it be possible for you guys to email him and see if he replies? If not we have given him the option to donate the money he scammed to a charity. If you know of anymore scams he has committed here and not paid here please let me know.
  7. I got banned for this 2 days ago too. RIP TRiBot.
  8. RIP Support rank. What kind of Support dumps their item on TRiBot???
  9. So then you give out free accounts to people to bot with??? Invest in a good private script that works and you won't have to manage anything other than selling gold. Losing a few hours when RuneScape updates is not worth bringing in and paying an extra partner. xDD I'm not trying to be negative. Instead of taking my comments as negativity you should be using them as constructive criticism to make your business better. You can easily manage this yourself and making ~500M a month rather than doing it with 5 people and splitting profits and wasting time making your own accounts.
  10. No it's not. How is it safer? As a team you'd just lose money to your partners because you'd have to split your profits. This is an operation that is extremely easy to run solo. Why would someone pay to rent a host when they can just buy a hosting account for 5M and have their own lifetime host??? 5M is jack shit. Why would you waste 5 hours of IRL time making an account to host with when they cost 5M? That's slaving yourself for $2.00 an hour... You just buy more accounts from your profits. Your business plan is just horrible which is why this will never work.
  11. What's to stop someone from just making a few bots and doing this themselves?? I used to run a NMZ hosting business SOLO and I had no issues managing it. With the recent increase of people using the NMZ bot from this website the profits have gone down quite a lot but you should still be making ~500M a month. :3
  12. I already made this offsite. That place is super packed now. :/
  13. Haku_

    Buying OSRS Gold

    How much then? Because OP wanted $2.00/M.
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