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  1. Yeah ring of duel is broken. Thanks for your time in this script tho
  2. How about 'Mage of Zamorak' & 'Barbarian Barcrawl' mini-quests. Great script again! thanks
  3. Great script I did Rune Mysteries & it got stuck @ start going to bank in lumby, it just presses 'Climb' and doesent go up-down. Other than that great!
  4. Testing this for you right now Seems good so far matey! wel done.
  5. Gate was closed, and it just kept attempting to run to east portal.
  6. - Next time It happens will post and let you know! - Unfortunate that is
  7. Hi Texan Thanks for your script, using it right now to get myself void.. everything running smoothly but I am having one issue where sometimes it try's to continue running to portal although doors are shut, and It will just stand there until someone opens the door or something destroys the door! Also I think $8 for 30days(even though im only going to be using it for like 4-5 days for Void), so would an optional pricing plan of $4 for 15days(half everything for a period for people like myself)? Just a suggestion! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  8. What I mean by this is, I dont really need unnecessary item in my inventory, as I see it just taking up another invent space. So if you did an enable/disable; Enabled would withdraw a cure before starting script Disabled would just take all items needed and if its needed, go to bank and get one or if not take coins to purchase one. I guess the Disabled option would be better for everyone, Its like a rake, I never take a rake in my invent. But if I do need one I just take from the tool dude, Hope this helps.
  9. Also have some things to recommend; - Deposit buckets to the tool leprechaun(unless full) then drop them from then on. - Change walkPath from Ardougne Centre to Herb Patch(walk east > past the mine > and up) its alot quicker. - Enable/Disable require Plant Cure (do you really need this if your doing herbs/flowers for example) Not sure if this is much use to you but the way I do my farm trip; Inventory: - Ecto-Teleport, and walk to Farm Patch, withdraw seed amount of super compost/compost. - Plant Herbs/Flowers - Teleport to Draynor (bank ectophial + herbs/flowers) - Walk to Farm Patch is Draynor/Falador(i think Draynor seems quicker/may be a problem if people dont use glorys?) - Plant Herbs/Flowers - Turn into note form/bank buckets @ the Little man again(drop if full) - Teleport to camelot - Herbs/Flowers again - Turn into noteform, same thing with buckets. - Finish off at Ardougne(running east then north past mine) - Finished. Hope this helps
  10. Currently running the Trial version to see if its worth doing, only problem I have come across is, When I ecto-teleport, It don't recharge ectophial so it screws up next time. Other than that, great script!
  11. great script got me to 70 range Be good if you could add time till next level tho Thanks mate!
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