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  1. great script, used it for what will hopefully be my future zulrah bot. heres a proggy, xp rates aren't accurate as i ran out of ammo at some point but still went good
  2. average lifespan of an account on this? been thinking about getting it
  3. i managed to resolve this issue somehow, not sure how but its fixed.
  4. bought this the other day, was working flawlessly but is suddenly giving an error saying "failed to find setting file" and the bot just sits there and does nothing at all, i have tried both my preset saves and remaking one but neither are working.
  5. Request: - Need someone to make me a simple private script. Description: - Script that can buy a few stackable items from a specific shop, teleport to varrock and walk to the grand exchange to sell the items when out of gp and teleport back, travel to the store and continue in an endless loop. Payment Amount: - Pm me and we can negotiate further. Time: - Asap
  6. any news on the approval yet? this script looks really nice
  7. Don't want to disclose the method publicly but basically i want a script that can go to a cave, kill a monster and pick up a bunch of drops, tele out to bank and repeat. Pm me for more ibfo and to discuss pricing
  8. i managed to salvage one of my old pures which has a decent amount of quests done and most skills trained as to not be obvious, i botted 5 hours last night with breaks and a premium script with no issue, botted a few hours today on a different script with no issue. didn't use a proxy because i couldn't get them to save for some reason so hopefully my main won't end up banned. thanks for the help guys
  9. recently came back to botting decided to use your script for a bit to mix things up on my gold farmer, works well and has got me from 1-28 so far. here's a nifty proggy for you.
  10. thanks guys, i'll ive it a shot on one account for now and see how it goes this week, if its all going well i'll bump it up a bit. thankyou for the help.
  11. so i used to bot using powerbot on the main game and tribot on 07 a long time ago, my accounts were eventually banned and i gathered that botting was no longer safe. i have been contemplating buying vip and gold farming on a few 07 accounts to trade over to my main accounts on both 07 and rs3. i wish to know whether botting is considered safe again, and whether there is any safe way i can bot on the same computer as my other two accounts and safely exchange the money over between the accounts. all accounts would be members and i would only run 2-4 gold farmers. would it be worth buying a vps for the bots? would it still be unsafe on a vps?