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  1. The script logs out and says it is logging into the world and logs into that world then it sits in the tournament world just chillin like a villan
  2. imaprobot

    Disable Certain worlds for hopping

    I am using a premium script that requires frequent world hopping, the script keeps going to the tournament worlds which breaks the script. is there any way to disable certain worlds with the client. i have posted on the scripts thread and not heard back for about a week on a 30 day auth premium script so im basically paying for a broken script rn.
  3. imaprobot

    LG and JDK 9?

    so I downloaded JDK9 to run LG but my tribot loader now doesnt work. which version of jdk do I need? I could only find JDK9 is there a place to get older versions
  4. imaprobot

    Play normally on a bot?

    No worries! Unfortunately it's a windows based. Do you think if I start running a proxy on the vps and my home computer it would show the same location? Or is there a faster way to use RDC? That's the part that's laggy not the actual server itself
  5. imaprobot

    Play normally on a bot?

    Yes but that doesn't solve my problem which is the switching of locations from my vps to my home computer I want everything there to remain consistent
  6. imaprobot

    Play normally on a bot?

    Hey so I've been botting on my main on a vps and that's the only ip that it has logged into for the last month. The problem is I want to play on it regularly off the vps to do stuff like fcape and some quests because the connection to the vps is really laggy. How can I avoid having multiple different ip's show up while playing on different platforms?
  7. HI there is a bug with this script. Sometimes when using world hopping it hops into tournament worlds and that ultimately breaks the script. This is most seen when hunting black chins because of frequent hopping
  8. imaprobot

    Dax Premium Hunter Fix Request

    i could not find it
  9. imaprobot

    Dax Premium Hunter Fix Request

    Hi when using Dax premium hunter for hunting black chins there is a bug with the world hopping. It consistently hops into tournament worlds which then breaks the bot any way to fix this or choose which worlds to hop to?
  10. imaprobot

    Troll Tan Leather [ABCL10] [1.5m+/h] [100k+ xp/h]

    What is your skype id be super stoked for this to work
  11. add tan leather I bought this script for that sole reason and it doesnt do it so im pretty bummed tbh
  12. imaprobot

    Troll Tan Leather [ABCL10] [1.5m+/h] [100k+ xp/h]

    this doesnt work opens bank and immediately closes it