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  1. Most if not all quests run perfectly. If you've had an issue, a decent debug would help. This would include a screenshot or a gif and the debug, otherwise I can't really tell what's going on.
  2. Some have success, some don't. It's very dependent on how you run the script and how you create the accounts. A few recent progress reports similar to this suggest some are making good use of it
  3. Proxies don't save your accounts. If anything, a bad proxy will flag them much more than your home IP will. If your account gets stuck, take a screenshot and report it to me and I'll try recreate it to fix, but without knowing where, it's virtually impossible. The fact that they're banned within the hour indicates it's more a you issue than a script issue. Feel free to offer suggestions if there's something you dislike about how the script runs
  4. Could you not just filter the object for an object at position rather than limiting the distance?
  5. Update 27/06/2020: JAIOPrayer has finally received a much deserved re-write / update. Update Features: - New UI. - New Paint. - Fully re-written from the ground up. Now features automatic host finding through the host viewer, personal altar support and more. Upcoming Features: - Advanced Preferences, allowing greater amount of customisation. Have a personal play style you'd like the bot to follow that's not currently supported? Request it! - Improved Player Detection for Wilderness Altar, including the ability to attempt escape. Necromancy has been temporarily removed as I have no account to test it on. Ectofuntus may or may not be added soon, depending on anyone requesting it.
  6. Apologies in my response for getting back to you both, I didn't have notifications enabled for this thread for some reason. A re-write is due to be released shortly that will fix up any issues you've experienced and feature auto-host finding for gilded altar, plus much more. If you'd like a refund for your auths so you can fully benefit from this new update, give me a message and I'll get it sorted!
  7. Only Lite Edition supports F2P - Every other version should force you to hop to a members world, but if you're using a version where the worldhopper is broken, it may struggle. Also no, I believe the cooking level limit is 10 for RFD Cook.
  8. Horror from the Deep is a possibility down the line. I can look into it? Where should the script end? After killing the bear?
  9. At a guess your hooks are broken since the last update. Try restarting your client and making sure you're not using re-sizeable, which is broken as of the last RS update.
  10. Premium editions don't work on F2P. It should have hopped to a members world on start. Which Tribot version are you using?
  11. Lobsters. I’d suggest getting 25 hitpoints first by doing imp catcher -> witch’s potion -> witch’s house, otherwise the moss giants can one hit you anyway.
  12. Update 18/06/2020: - Added a failsafe to ensure the script talks to the Oracle on Dragon Slayer. - Updated certain walk tiles to fit with my new walker failsafes. - Fixed some issues with re-ordering tasks / loading profiles on the new UIs. - Added a few additional checks / failsafes on certain quests if they don't have the required items at certain points. - Added bringing a recoil to the boss fight on Merlin's Crystal. The script will now also bank for food if it fails to do sufficient damage, rather than dying.
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