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  1. To better suit the gap between JBotStarter editions and JBotStarter Ultimate Ed, prices have been reduced across the board for all non-ultimate editions! You can now enjoy the NMZ Edition / GDK Edition for only $6.99/2 weeks! All multiple auth pricing plans have also been adjusted accordingly. GDK Edition NMZ Edition Ultimate Edition As well as these reduced prices, JBotStarter Blast Furnace Edition is now out and free for testing! Create the perfect Blast Furnace Ready account, straight from a Level 3! Try it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3620 Features: - Coal Bag (Multiple Mining Locations) - Ice Gloves - Mining (Multiple Areas) - Smithing - Prayer (Gilded Altar / Wilderness Altar) - Imp Catcher - Witch's Potion - Witch's House - Plague City - Doric's Quest - Knight's Sword - Upgraded GE API - Full Level 3 Support
  2. Update 28/07/2020: - Reduced pricing for JBotStarter NMZ Ed. and JBotStarter GDK Ed pending BF Ed. release. All non ultimate editions are now $6.99/2 weeks and will be for the foreseeable future. All other pricing options have also been updated accordingly.
  3. Update 28/07/2020: - You can now select favour rewards / skill lamp rewards for Client of Kourend. These can be found in advanced preferences. Shayzien Favour / Strength Exp are still selected by default. - Added Client of Kourend to NMZ Edition in preparation for future releases. - Added an advanced preference option to allow users to enable a "Stop at Shield" option on Dragon Slayer. This will make the script consider Dragon Slayer as completed once the anti-dragon shield is unlocked. - Reworked the GE API. This update should drastically improve how the script purchases items and will allow for vast future customisation. - Amended the worldhopper to work with Tribot 11. - Added a few more game messages to the fail safe whitelist. - Added randomisation to woodcutting areas. The script will now pick a random woodcutting location to use. - Added an advanced preference option to enable bringing all axes when woodcutting. If it's left disabled the script will progressively upgrade the axe as previous. - Fixed an issue with the new Banking Tutorial interface occasionally failing to close. - Added Mining Task to Ultimate Edition. - Added Coal Bag Task to Ultimate Edition. - Added Ice Gloves Task to Ultimate Edition. - Added Phials / Gilded Altar Prayer Method. The script will automatically withdraw coins and bones, then find a house. This is a safer alternative to the Wilderness Altar. You can select your desired altar in Advanced Preferences -> Prayer Method. - Attempted DaxWalker fix. Released JBotStarter - BF Edition (Beta): https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3620
  4. I'd need a screenshot / debug to tell you. Off the top of my head, there's no reason why the script would do that.
  5. I don't think I've updated the script since Ferox Enclave was released. If you remove it from that area, it should run fine. Or you can wait until the local update that's in testing is stable, and then that'll also resolve your issue.
  6. It's in my JBotStarter Ultimate Edition already I believe. You can find the script / trial it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3524-jbotstarter-ult-ed/
  7. I believe I've just spoken to you on Discord? If it wasn't you, I've been made aware of the issue and will be checking it out and getting a fix up tomorrow. Apologies for the delay but I've been at work.
  8. Sorry you feel this way. If you have any suggestions you think would improve the ban rates you're experiencing, please let me know and I'll add them
  9. You need to either be logged in or have an account selected when running the script. The GUI doesn't load until an account is in game.
  10. Most if not all quests run perfectly. If you've had an issue, a decent debug would help. This would include a screenshot or a gif and the debug, otherwise I can't really tell what's going on.
  11. Some have success, some don't. It's very dependent on how you run the script and how you create the accounts. A few recent progress reports similar to this suggest some are making good use of it
  12. Proxies don't save your accounts. If anything, a bad proxy will flag them much more than your home IP will. If your account gets stuck, take a screenshot and report it to me and I'll try recreate it to fix, but without knowing where, it's virtually impossible. The fact that they're banned within the hour indicates it's more a you issue than a script issue. Feel free to offer suggestions if there's something you dislike about how the script runs
  13. Could you not just filter the object for an object at position rather than limiting the distance?
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