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  1. Update 20/03/2019: - Pushed a fail safe in case the user doesn't have a bell pull when attempting to bank via Butler.
  2. Update 20/03/2019: - Fixed an issue in which the script would purchase quest items for the quest it had recently completed. Thanks to @Runnwith for bringing this to my attention.
  3. As of recent, JAIOPrayer now supports Necromancy! As a celebration for this new addition, I've decided to give everyone who wishes to try 10% off for any purchases made prior to the 1st April! To redeem, just use the code 'NECRO' at checkout Why not give it a try? Other features include: - ABC2/ABCL10 Compliance - Gilded Altar - Wilderness Altar - Bone Burying - Supports all bones (Including Hyrda!) - Multiple banking methods - Clean, JavaFX GUI. Click here to purchase: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3016 Click here to view the script thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/78704-abc2abcl10-jaioprayer-javafx-gui-necromancy-wilderness-altar-gilded-altar-bone-burying/
  4. It supports Witch's potion, Imp catcher, Vampire slayer and Witch's house. I don't handle randoms, that's a client problem.
  5. There's nothing I'm doing that should make it hop to those worlds, but I'll certainly take a look. I'll get back to you when I've found a solution.
  6. The script automatically buys items for 3x their cost. I'm afraid I don't have an item list.
  7. Update 14/03/2019: This update includes some script stability fixes. Thanks to @3zekial for the debugging with this one! Fixes: - Trip duration is now tracked when banking via butlers. This prevents the previous issue of the script not recognising the butler had wandered off, and should also prevent any issues of this sort occurring in the future. Here's a small progress report after 3zekial's debugging session, confirming everything is working perfectly!
  8. Update 14/03/2019: This update features the addition of dungeon doors. New Addition! - Oak doors have been added. The script will travel downstairs by searching for the nearest dungeon door / staircase, so please make sure there's one near the portal. I may add walking to in the future, but the less walking in the script I feel the better. They're only supported by Butler banking at the moment. If you need phials, let me know and I'll look into adding that as well. Changes - Mythical capes are now only supported with Butler banking. I don't have an account with dragon slayer 2 to work on phials, so this is to prevent users running into unwanted issues. As far as I'm aware, butler banking is working fine.. it's also quicker! Happy botting!
  9. If you've completed a degree with a relation to coding in some level, surely you'd be able to pick basic java up without tuition..
  10. If you can give me the list of bones you need, I can add them to mine. I was unaware new bones had been released.
  11. Update 13/03/2019: Just an addition this update that should've been pushed with the last version, but was held back slightly. New Addition! - Necromancy is now released in Beta! Please babysit while running and inform me of any issues. It currently only supports banking via walking. If anyone has an alternative banking method that's needed, let me know. - Script now supports all bones once again, including Wyrm / Drake and Hydra. Happy botting!
  12. Update 13/03/2019: This update features the fixes that were planned on being updated with the Necromancy update. Unfortunately I've been fairly busy, so Necromancy won't be for another day or so. Fixes are as per below, and if I've missed any, please nag me Fixes! - Script should now de-select item when attempting to click on the house portal. Apologies for the delay with this one. - Mouse accuracy when using bones on Phials / Altars should be improved slightly. - A safety feature has been added in the case of the host going offline or the house being locked. Any issues with this update, please contact me via PM or via my Discord. Happy botting!
  13. I've had a look and a check that the host is offline already exists. Is there a different message for when the house is locked? If you could let me know what it is, I'll implement it right away for you.
  14. Some issues have been fixed and are being pushed today. A condensed list of things you're not happy with would be easier for me to run through than scrolling through comments and assuming.
  15. Yes hopefully today. Writing Necromancy currently, once that's done I'll be pushing the update.
  16. What's wrong with mine? I'm in the process of adding Necromancy, so I can take a look at your issues.
  17. How would you grab a point without grabbing the model first? Or am I confused.
  18. It’s been fixed but I’ve been away from my pc for a few days for some assessments I’ve had to complete. I’m commuting back home tomorrow, so I shall push then
  19. I believe @FALSkills has one free somewhere. Give it a google
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