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  1. DUE TO SOME QUESTS LACKING TRACKABLE GAME SETTINGS, THIS SCRIPT WILL RUN INTO ERRORS IF STARTED / STOPPED MID WAY THROUGH QUESTS. QUESTS ARE ONLY 100% SUPPORTED FROM START TO FINISH. QUESTS THAT LACK GAME SETTINGS ARE DENOTED WITH A PURPLE COLOUR IN THE QUEST LIST. Supported Quests [Green = Completed, Orange = In Testing, Red = Not yet in development, Purple = Completed, but Lacks Game Settings so bugs may occur.]: F2P Black Knight’s Fortress Cooks Assistant The Corsair’s Curse Demon Slayer Doric’s Quest Dragon Slayer Ernest the Chicken Goblin Diplomacy Imp Catcher The Knight’s Sword Misthalin Mystery Pirate’s Treasure Prince Ali Rescue The Restless Ghost Romeo & Juliet Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer Vampire Slayer Witch’s Potion P2P Druidic Ritual Progress Reports: Script Support Discord:
  2. This will likely always be free. If you let me know what they're wearing, I can add it to the avoid list?
  3. Your 'go-to' for all your prayer needs! Click the above image to add the script, or if that fails, the repository link is here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2765 Current Features: Gilded Altar Start the script anywhere you like with bones in your bank and enter in your host name. The script currently banks by walking to Yanille, or if your house is set to Rimmington, it un-notes via Phials. It can also use your own house, in which you can set the option to either walk to banks, or teleport to Edgeville with your mounted glory. Requirements: Bones of your choice, Bones + Coins if you're using Phials. Wilderness Altar Offers bones at the Chaos Altar for upwards of 250k prayer experience an hour. This altar allows you to save bones, which often results in an experience gain of 200%! Information on this altar can be found here: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chaos_Temple_(hut) With this script, there's no need to worry about PKers either! This script offers an advanced multi - threaded detection system which allows us to logout instantly as soon as a PKer is near. If you're still not convinced and you're worried about being hunted, no bother! You can enable a 'Safety Mode' within the GUI, in which the script will stop should it die to save those precious bones! Requirements: Burning Amulets, Amulets of Glory (Charged), Bones of your choice. Bone Burying This feature is for the F2P botters out there! Start the script anywhere, select your bone to bury within the GUI and the script will do the rest for you. Don't worry about running out of bones, the script will safely stop for you! Requirements: Bones of your choice. Ectofuntus This feature is yet to be added. GUI Progress Reports Bug Report Format Issue: Script Version: Tribot Version: Script Stack Trace: Script Support
  4. I’ll take a look at this. Was anything in the debug? They’ve updated the dialogue, I’ll push a fix for this tomorrow after my night shift .
  5. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2881 Features: Advanced Looting Algorithms. - This script features advanced looting algorithms that prioritise the revenants rare loot, so no valuable drop will go unmissed. As well as this, the script calculates other loot in the area based upon its GE price, enabling it to loot items that’ve been left by PKers, as long as they fit into the criteria that’re set in the minimum / maximum loot values, which are found within the GUI. A maximum loot amount is also in place, so that we can’t get tricked into looting valuables that would make us lose our rare items. (Do not fear, revenant drops will still be prioritised no matter the max loot value that has been set). Smart Banking. - This script consistently checks the value of your inventory, and will bank when it reaches your selected bank threshold. You don’t need to worry about losing recently acquired valuables with this script! Multi-Threaded PK Detection. - Worried about consistently dying to PKers? This script features a multi-threaded player detection system, allowing us to detect what PKers are up to even while we’re killing. If a player is within the vicinity and considered to be dangerous (Based upon equipment, distance, and whether or not the player is skulled), we'll either attempt to hop worlds, or if we're under attack, we'll evade. The script will also enable protect from magic and protect item during an evade in order to increase our chances of survival, or if we do die, keep that extra little bit of profit. Quick Prayer / Potion Support - Select your quick prayers prior to starting the script and enable the prayer option within the GUI and the script will enable the prayers while attacking revenants, for the best chance of getting a drop! As well as this, You can enable potions and the script will drink them as and when your level is below a randomly generated threshold. Death Support - This script has the ability to either stop on death, or if you’ve set your equipment, it will re-gear and hop to a new world. This feature also automatically recharges a new bracelet of Ethereum, so you don’t need to waste all your bank space hoarding them when it could be filled with loot! Ammo / Recharging Support [Beta][Ammo Only - Blowpipe is still usable, but not yet rechargeable.] - Wanting to use a blowpipe or Craw’s bow for those fast kills? This script can recharge your items and go back to farming whenever they run out! (In Testing, Not Yet Implemented) - This script also supports ranged! Wanting to kill the lower levelled revenants? By having ammo equipped when setting equipment, it’ll automatically replenish your arrows when you run out. Looking Glass / Re sizeable Support - Trying to get those valuables drops on a decent account? This script has been written with resizeable / Looking glass in mind. Testing has been completed on both clients, and support will be given for these where possible! JavaFX GUI w/ Profile Saving & Loading. Script Information: Item Requirements: - Burning Amulets - Safety Teleports (Amulet of glory) - Food Suggested Stats: - 75+ Range - 1 Defence Suggested Equipment: - Blowpipe / Craws / Rcb - Black d'hide, snakeskin etc. - Salve's amulet (ei) Pricing (Click on the revenants to be taken to their purchase pages): Revenant Imp Package 1 auth : $7.99 per 2 weeks, $12.99 per month Revenant Demon Package 5 auths: $19.99 per 2 weeks, $34.99 per month Revenant Knight Package 20 auths: $34.99 per 2 weeks, $64.99 per month Revenant Dragon Package 50 auths: $124.99 per month. Progress Reports: Script Support Discord: Useful Revenant Guide:
  6. I haven’t implemented anything that would prevent breaks, if that’s what you mean, although it’ll just log out wherever it’s at. I’ll be adding going to bank prior to breaking in the next update.
  7. HeyImJamie

    Loader not downloading?

    Refer to my post above.
  8. HeyImJamie

    Loader not downloading?

    Delete that loader and download the new one from: https://tribot.org/download.php
  9. Is this occuring all the time, or only when it teleports to the bank?
  10. HeyImJamie's Private Script Shop Orders Completed: 4 Current Status: Taking Orders. HeyImLit#3244 Support - Your script will be given a 2 month warranty upon completion, which includes fixes for: Bugs, Tribot Updates & OSRS Updates. It does not include additions to the script. - Scripts will be delivered as soon as practically possible. I will endeavour to keep you updated throughout the creation process. - Additions can be added once the script has been completed, but an an extra cost. Additions requested during creation will also likely be charged, dependant on the complexity. Terms of Service - Payments will be handled through the Tribot Repository. - An account must be provided to create the script. - I will not be held responsible for bans occurred during development and / or after script completion. - The source code will not be included with the script, nor will it be for sale. - Payment must be made in full prior to development. Development on the script will not begin without this. - Once the script has been delivered, no refunds will be given. A refund can be given during development, with a reduction based on the time that has been invested. Contact To contact me with your request you can either: - PM me on the Forums. - Add my Discord: HeyImLit#3244 - Join my script support chat found in my signature and message me from there.
  11. Yes, it will. I'd suggest seriously thinking about if you want to bot a maxed main, though!
  12. My fault, an update will be pushed tonight for this when I return from work. Until I push the updated version, move Sharks above the Raw sharks in the bank and it’ll withdraw them fine.
  13. Update 10/09/2018. - Improved logout handling while avoiding a teleblock. - Script will now only top up prayer at the bank if it's lower than a random threshold - Script now generates a random area to idle based upon your selected revenants, and will attack revenants near that spawn in order to save aimlessly running around. - Script now leaves the worldhopping screen open, and will use the ingame hopper if certain criteria is met. - Other minor fixes.
  14. HeyImJamie


    I'm fairly certain it's just a hook issue with Clicking#click
  15. HeyImJamie

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    Neat release!
  16. HeyImJamie

    Vip extended not working

    I assume you've tried restarting the client? It's worth noting that even though you have VIP, the purchase options will still remain on the client.
  17. The update is finally here! My apologies with the delay in this for those who were waiting on it. I've been struggling with a few things IRL prior to heading back to University and therefore my head wasn't in the right place, but now we're back! Notice: If you had purchased this script prior to this update, please send me a message. Your auth will be renewed FREE OF CHARGE. Updates: General Fixes - No longer gets stuck on unwanted worlds caused by missclicks via hopping. - Profit should no longer multiply after worldhopping. - Although the script will NOT currently recharge bracelets when they run out, it now automatically checks the bracelet is absorbing on script start. - A glory with no charges should now be properly replaced. - Salve amulets are now supported. They'll automatically be re-equipped should a glory be equipped for a faster escape. Combat - Faster revenant detection - Increased efficiency. Will leave revenants based on certain conditions. - Prioritises revenants with the highest hp, for the best chance of a drop. - Will now make use of special attack (Blowpipe only) Banking - Script will eat to maximum health prior to restarting a trip. - If we avoid a pker, the script will now bank all loot in the inventory prior to starting a new trip. - Potions are now prioritised 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1, and Jewellery is also prioritised based on charges. - Script will now bank for prayer potions, as requested. - Inventory value is now more accurate. - Script should now safely stop if it doesn't contain the required items. Looting - Loot should now be detected quicker, and actions will be broken out of if loot exists. Walking - If prayer is above 37, protect from magic will be enabled if a dragon is within x tiles. - Should no longer get stuck by the entrance while walking to the caves. - Will now withdraw and drink a Stamina potion prior to heading back to revenants, if they're in the bank. PK Detection Better Avoidance Techniques: - Attempts to hide the player and logout while running if still under attack from a revenant - If the account is teleblocked, the script will protect from magic and protect item (if available), attempt to run north and then go between the cave and the entrance, attempting to logout for the best possible chance of escape. Better worldhopping: - The script now has a custom logout handler, allowing for faster logouts. - The ingame hopper will now be left open, and will attempt to hop ingame if certain safety criteria is met. If the criteria isn't met, the script will logout as normal and hop via the world selection screen. (Update is being finalised, will be pushed today.) GUI - New GUI is in progress, as seen below. This new GUI will allow for much greater customisation, such as varied banking / travel options, increased special attack support, static positioning and so on. As of this release, I have reduced the cost of auths and as mentioned above previous purchasers may message me for their auths to be fully re-instated. I offer my wholehearted apologies for how the script was prior to this update, as I fully believe that with the change to monthly payments scripts should remain at a high standard. I do expect that there will be a few bugs to fix, but I have tested the script much more extensively than the previous version and will be consistently adding to it as mentioned beforehand. If you do find bugs, please report them as usual and I will endeavour to fix them as quickly as possible. Thank you, - Jamie
  18. I’ll take a look at these. I can’t see why they’re experiencing issues as the mentioned quests have been released for a while and have been ran through multiple times.
  19. I'm going to need to know a little more information. Do you have the full debug for both bot and client by any chance? If not, I'll take a look tomorrow and see if I can replicate it.
  20. Script has been updated. Fixes: - GE Bug. Updates: - Black knights fortress temporarily removed. - Witch's house added, in testing. - Nmz preset added, pending addition of further quests. Currently completes: Imps Catcher, Witch's Potion, Witch's House & Vampire Slayer.
  21. Notice I am aware of the GE bug and a fix will be pushed for this ASAP. Apologies for the delay with this, I was unaware of it. - Jamie