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  1. TRiBot Release 9.308_5

    That's most likely down to how the script writer is detecting bank items. Trilez isn't responsible for that, comment on the thread unless someone already has.
  2. JWildyPrayer [250k + Xp/Hr][Cheap Prayer Xp][Pk Detection]

    Not too sure. You save a lot because of the altars effect which is why this is a useful method. It's around 200 - 300k xp per hour from the testing I did though.
  3. JWildyPrayer - Trains prayer at the chaos altar for 250k+ xp per hour. Requirements: Burning amulets (5)'s. Amulet of glory (4)'s. Dragon bones. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2721 Progress reports: Bug reports: Script Version: Error Occured: Script Stack Trace: Script source:
  4. Catching text from players ingame

    Either implement the interface as Adam said and parse whichever message accordingly or use the interface.
  5. JWildyPrayer [250k + Xp/Hr][Cheap Prayer Xp][Pk Detection]

    I couldn't think of a better prefix.
  6. JWildyPrayer [250k + Xp/Hr][Cheap Prayer Xp][Pk Detection]

    You're very welcome friend.
  7. I have one written but I'm not allowed to sell it unfortunately as I'm not a premium scripter. If no one's got back to you in a week or so I'll release for free.
  8. Progressive Crafter

    Looks alright. Not quite sure why you're doing things such as using a boolean in your onStart when you don't really need to utilise it and there's a Starting interface. You can also like Einstein said reduce a lot of the code by creating a method for handling the crafting interface.
  9. Better Cannon Clicker (BCC)

    Ah yeah, just re-read it. I'd still filter it out of preference, makes no sense not too. Good job anywho
  10. Better Cannon Clicker (BCC)

    That's correct, but you call walking once and can't guarantee it will walk to that exact tile everytime. If it missclicks and runs away, you could end up caching someone else's cannon. I know this is unlikely, but I see no reason to write code to prevent things like that happening. It's not a big deal, but just a suggestion.
  11. Better Cannon Clicker (BCC)

    Looks good. My only suggestion would be to cache the cannon's position when you place it and filter for objects at that position, just in case someone sets up a cannon close to it and the script somehow moves.
  12. Private Proxy + New Account + Tut Island = banned

    Noted. That are*
  13. Game state and Game settings are different. Use a settings explorer such as Laniax's.
  14. Private Proxy + New Account + Tut Island = banned

    I think it's fairly common knowledge now that all proxies that're based from a datacenter will cause you issues when it comes to locks and bans. There are ways around this, yes, but it still makes no sense to purchase from a rs forum where you'll be getting 1 proxy for ~$3, compared to the 10 or so I, and others, can get for $3.
  15. Yes, so look at the code I posted. If the game setting 391 doesn't equal 1, it'll continue to try and pay Saniboch. Check the game setting when you pay him.
  16. Do you know how to check Game settings? Check the setting when entering as code wise it looks fine. case BRIMHAVEN_DUNGEON: if (Game.getSetting(393) != 1) { if (!InteractionHelper.click(InteractionHelper.getRSNPC(Filters.NPCs.nameEquals("Saniboch")), "Pay")) { getInstance().log("Could not pay saniboch"); break; } NPCInteraction.handleConversation(); return true; } else { if (clickObject(Filters.Objects.nameEquals("Dungeon entrance"), "Enter", () -> Player.getPosition().getY() > 4000 ? WaitFor.Return.SUCCESS : WaitFor.Return.IGNORE)) { return true; } else { getInstance().log("Could not enter dungeon"); } } break;
  17. Crafting script?

    This post isn't needed. In regards to the OP, which crafting method do you require? I'm open to writing a few scripts for the community.
  18. Can't find the right java to install

    If you have Java 9 installed Tribot won't run. Just uninstall them
  19. [Snippet] Membership Checker

    This isn't a tool. It's an addition people can add to their scripts should they wish too.
  20. [Snippet] Membership Checker

    This is a snippet that will observe your membership status based on the interface found on the login screen. Any suggestions to improve this are welcome. Code: Interface: public interface MembershipListener { void needsMembers(); } Observer: public class MembershipObserver extends Thread { ArrayList<MembershipListener> listeners; boolean shouldRun = true; public MembershipObserver() { this.listeners = new ArrayList<MembershipListener>(); } @Override public void run() { General.println("[Membership Handler] : Thread Started."); while (shouldRun) { RSInterfaceChild membershipInterface = Interfaces.get(378, 74); if (membershipInterface != null) { if (getMembershipCount(membershipInterface) < 1) { triggerMembershipRequest(); } General.sleep(15000); } General.sleep(50); } } public void endThread() { General.println("[Membership Handler] : Thread Stopped."); shouldRun = false; } private int getMembershipCount(RSInterfaceChild rsInterfaceChild) { String text = rsInterfaceChild.getText() != null ? rsInterfaceChild.getText().replace("<col=00ff00>", "").replace("<col=ffff00>", "") : "0"; text = text.replaceAll("[^0-9]", ""); General.println("[Membership Handler] : Members days remaining : " + Integer.parseInt(text)); return Integer.parseInt(text); } public void addListener(MembershipListener membershipListener) { listeners.add(membershipListener); } private void triggerMembershipRequest() { for (MembershipListener l : listeners) { l.needsMembers(); } } Add to your script as follows: public class MembershipTestScript extends Script implements MembershipListener, Ending { private MembershipObserver membershipObserver = new MembershipObserver(); // I set this as a global variable as we need to set the thread as a daemon so it's not stopped when the login bot is executed. Because of this, we must end the thread on script exit, so we also need to implement the Ending interface. @Override public void run() { // your script } @Override public void onEnd() { membershipObserver.endThread(); // I've already made this method for you in the Observer class. } private void initiateObserver(){ // You can do this in onStart or as you run your script. I keep it in it's own method just for preference. membershipObserver.addListener(this); membershipObserver.setDaemon(true); membershipObserver.start(); } @Override public void needsMembers() { // This is run once when the observer detects the account does not have membership. I set a boolean to true so I can then buy a bond etc within my script. General.println("[Membership Handler] : Needs Membership"); Vars.get().needsMembership = true; }
  21. [Snippet] Membership Checker

    Can't edit the above post, here's the updated getMembershipCount code: private int getMembershipCount(RSInterfaceChild rsInterfaceChild) { String text = rsInterfaceChild.getText() != null ? rsInterfaceChild.getText().replace("<col=00ff00>", "").replace("<col=ffff00>", "") : "0"; text = text.replaceAll("[^0-9]", ""); General.println("[Membership Handler] : Members days remaining : " + Integer.parseInt(text)); return Integer.parseInt(text); }
  22. [Snippet] Membership Checker

    Noted, thanks. I'll amend shortly.
  23. You didn't have too. If you decide you want to spend it on something else, let me know and I'll refund it. Enjoy botting!
  24. You're VIP. If you have teamviewer, I can take a look to see what you're doing wrong.