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  1. Pretty sure it wasn't just the one guy. He created and sold the software.
  2. The repository system is automatic, did you upload the correct files?
  3. goldfarm

    Don't let dreams be dreams
  4. Ty big boy x
  5. Someone wants post count
  6. Yes please peasant
  7. There's only so much salt on all your posts because you're a fucking snail and people enjoy watching you burn.
  8. I believe there's a service called Leech BA. Try joining their cc
  9. Uni life for ya.
  10. My basic chicken killing code: private void AttackChicken() { RSNPC[] chickens = NPCs.findNearest(new Filter<RSNPC>() { @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC rsnpc) { return rsnpc.getName().equals("Chicken") && !rsnpc.isInCombat(); } }); if (chickens.length > 0) { status = "Attacking Chicken."; if (chickens[0].click("Attack")) { Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat(); } },3000); } } } }
  11. Error 404 - Update not found.
  12. Just a heads up: You can't charge back BTC should he decide to scam.
  13. As far as I'm aware it's impossible to get an 'un-used' proxy as all the IPs are generally just renewed. There's multiple causes to what you've mentioned though: Their proxy subnet could be flagged, so even though the IP you're using is private, there's multiple botters using the subnet and it's been flagged (unlikely, but possible). Another is that you've just been caught muling (I'm pretty sure they've been hitting hard on mules recently) and they've just given you a macro ban so that you'll make the same mistakes again.