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  1. I'm now retaking orders for privates. Please add my Discord found in the thread or message me on the forums if you have a request.
  2. This script implements multiple antiban techniques to avoid bans. I should also note that 30 minutes isn’t enough runtime for them to gather enough data from the script to ban you. Please only post in future if you have a bug report or something I have control over.
  3. It dies using the wine. I changed the script a while ago but forgot to update the thread. I’ll update when I’m back from holiday - apologies
  4. Update 20/02/2020: General Updates - Hiding Roofs is now enabled on start up if it isn't already. If people would prefer, I can add this as an advanced preference. Quest Line Updates - Ernest the Chicken has been added. Polite Notice: I will be away on holiday from the 21st to the 23rd of February so will be unable to reply to any reports. If you're experiencing a bug, please report it to me via PM with the report format found on the main thread and I will resolve your issue when I return. Thank you
  5. Update 18/02/2020: General Updates - The GUI now loads images in the background to increase performance. - If the script doesn't have the required items when attempting to bank after initial setup, it should now try and buy them. Quest Line Updates As I've had multiple requests, the Accumulator quest line is now in the process of being added. This will contain the following quests / activities: - Varrock museum miniquest (Added) - Restless ghost (Added) - Ernest the chicken - Waterfall - Priest in Peril - Avas accumulator - Slayer training (Turael) - Range training As of this update: - Restless Ghost has been added. - Varrock Museum has been added. If I've missed something, or there's another addition you'd like to see, let me know.
  6. I believe this is down to your windows UI settings but I'm not 100% sure. Are any errors being thrown?
  7. JPestControl Your route to full void. Get it while you sleep! Click below to purchase, or try out the 1 hour trial! Features: - Clean JavaFX GUI - Automated Point Spending - Customizable Reaction Times - Defending Knight / Attacking Portals - Custom Walker (Brawler Detection / Gate Handling) - Special Attack & Quick Prayer Support - LG / Resizable Support Media: Bug Report Format Issue: Script Version: Tribot Version: Script Stack Trace:
  8. Update 13/02/2020: - Prayer training has been added. - Searching has been added to advanced preferences. Advanced Preferences Searching has been added to Advanced Preferences. Any issues, please let me know. Prayer You can now train prayer with the script via the wilderness altar. The default level is 43, but this can be customised in the advanced preferences up to a maximum of 60. Enjoy
  9. Update 12/02/2020: Please note with this update previous save files will no longer work and may bug the script. Due to the complaints of lack of customisation, I've now implemented advanced preferences into the script (Thanks Naton for allowing me to copy your idea). This will allow you, the user, to customise various activities throughout the script so that profiling (assuming it exists) can be prevented. As of now, the preferences that have been listed below are implemented. If you have something you'd like to see customisable (I've not been very creative), suggest it!! Advanced Preferences!! Agility - You can now customise which level to stop training at (Min 10, Max 30). Crafting - You can now customise which level to stop training at (Mix 10, Max 40). Woodcutting - Added New Bank Options (Bank / Drop / Firemaking) - When Firemaking while woodcutting, it'll only light the logs if you have the level requirement. If you don't, it'll resort to dropping. Utilities - Minimise Client - Maximise Client General Bug Fixes - Fight Arena safespot has now been reverted to its original position. - Added a new failsafe: if the script has failed to change position in ~10 minutes, it should now teleport to lumbridge. This should hopefully resolve the script getting stuck in niche locations for long periods of time when walking. - Script should now correctly buy enough leather when starting crafting with a level greater than 1.
  10. Personally, I'd like to see some more community involvement. You were relatively active on the release of your tutorial island script and then disappeared. I do appreciate that the forums aren't as active as they once were so I'd recommend joining the Discord if you haven't already. As for your code / releases, from the brief look I've taken they seem ok but I'd like to see something either a little more complex or a little more polished from you. There are also mistakes that I wouldn't expect from a CS Major, for example not following the correct conventions: https://github.com/zperkins11/Tribot/blob/master/tutorialIsland/data/SubTask.java For now it's a no from me, but I know how far you've come and hopefully you don't take offence from this and continue to work on what I've mentioned.
  11. Update 11/02/2020 - Wilderness Altar will now avoid idling until after 40 prayer. I can adjust this if anyone decides a better level at which afk'ing is more reasonable. - Anyone experiencing issues with the wilderness altar, you must ensure you have no plugins enabled when using LG as the script relies on the following interface being on screen to detect if it's in the wilderness:
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