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  1. If only I had the time to write that many quests It will most likely be becoming Premium, but in turn that will allow for continued development. I have a lot of Quests planned, and if you have any specifics you'd like added (Don't go asking for MM2), feel free to join the Script Discord and pop me a message Thanks for the message!
  2. HeyImJamie

    Noob Account Leveler [FREE]

    Jesus, little bit demanding considering this is a free script don't you think? Not even a please
  3. HeyImJamie

    Do trial scripts countdown even when not in use?

    No, it counts runtime.
  4. HeyImJamie

    Inconsistent CPU usage

    Minimised clients use less CPU, if that's any correlation.
  5. Update 18/06/2018 - Script now has a Paint! - GE Fixes: Price grabbing will now default to the GE API if RSBuddy's is down. - Quest Status Support : Script now has the ability to save quest completion for quests that have a lack of game settings, which in turn should reduce bugs created by stopping / starting accounts mid completion. IT WILL NOT STOP ISSUES CAUSED ON QUESTS THAT HAVE BEEN PARTIALLY COMPLETED BY THE USER. This feature will also allow 'personal' equipment support for each quest, which is soon to come. - Prince Ali Rescue is in development. The next release will include quests: Black Knight's Fortress, Demon Slayer and Prince Ali Rescue. Enjoy
  6. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I do quite like the amendment you suggested, in which I'll store a text / properties file based on account username to hopefully reduce the chances of quests such as Pirate's treasure and Demon slayer, as well as future quests from breaking when they're restarted.
  7. Wouldn't it become trackable fairly quickly? It's something I could look into when this script is further down the line, and would likely stop quests breaking.
  8. Opening journal, checking lines and handling lines is a lot more effort than storing completion in a text/properties file Thanks!
  9. That's not a bad idea at all... much neater than relying on booleans which I'd currently resorted to for said quests. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Script now offers a warning on quests that have limited settings:
  11. Underground pass coming soon only $100 an auth Thanks x
  12. DUE TO SOME QUESTS LACKING TRACKABLE GAME SETTINGS, THIS SCRIPT WILL RUN INTO ERRORS IF STARTED / STOPPED MID WAY THROUGH QUESTS. QUESTS ARE ONLY 100% SUPPORTED FROM START TO FINISH. QUESTS THAT LACK GAME SETTINGS ARE DENOTED WITH A PURPLE COLOUR IN THE QUEST LIST. Supported Quests [Green = Completed, Orange = In Testing, Red = Not yet in development, Purple = Completed, but Lacks Game Settings so bugs may occur.]: F2P Black Knight’s Fortress Cooks Assistant The Corsair’s Curse Demon Slayer Doric’s Quest Dragon Slayer Goblin Diplomacy Imp Catcher The Knight’s Sword Misthalin Mystery Pirate’s Treasure Prince Ali Rescue The Restless Ghost Romeo & Juliet Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer Vampire Slayer Witch’s Potion P2P Druidic Ritual Progress Reports: Script Support Discord: