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  1. JUnicows - Version 1.0 [Beta] Kills Unicows at the tower of life for profit and easy combat xp. Please note this script is in Beta. Please suggest any updates! Requirements: - Tower of life - Plague city - 30/30/30 Combat Stats - Trout in bank (for now) - Ardy teleports in Inventory - Cowhides in bank - Unicorn horns in bank Setup: Start in Ardy bank w/ your inventory as shown below. Progress reports: To come. Bug report form: Script Version: Issue: Date:
  2. Curious question about source code

    Just look in the successful scripter application section. That'll give you a variety of script frameworks people use
  3. New changes to tribot.

    When you purchase 'LIFETIME', you'll get the lifetime of the software. If that software 'DIES', you're no longer entitled access to it. Windows 7 users lost their ability to upgrade to Windows 10 for free after a while, as it's lifetime had ended... Use that as a possible example. If people just associated this is a product, like a computer that has died, rather than something they for some reason feel entitled to this whole switch over would be much simpler. It's just unfortunate the average IQ on Tribot forum users appears to be 2.
  4. Is this possible?

    You can't roast anyone when you still buy private scripts in 2018
  5. Is this possible?

    No, I just have other things to do with my life. Now I have some spare time, I'll reply: - I'd pretty much guarantee that there is no other provider does this for 'free'. The client / end user will still have to pay SMS rates as there is no mobile service that would operate under some sort of free traffic policy... If they did their business would fail?
  6. Is this possible?

    Were you dropped on your head as a child? Either way, although it's possible I can't imagine their being a free service, you'd have to pay SMS rates so you might as well just pay for cleverbot or something of the like. You could've also just googled: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=java+sms+notification&oq=java+sms+notif&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l2.3336j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 but we know how you like to clutter the forums with pointless threads.
  7. Is this possible?

    The fuck? If you want to sit and reply to people every 10 seconds then sit at your Pc and just play lmao.
  8. Donation centre down?

    It's $100 I believe.
  9. [Paid REQUEST] Experienced Scripter Required

    A whole $25, Damn..
  10. muel banned

    What're you on about. Of course there's a chance an account with decent stats and effort put into it will be banned but you're much less likely to get hit than you would be on a fresh level 3.
  11. Need help with money making

    Yup unless you have average Pk detection. I had to implement an extra thread when I wrote my script for it.
  12. Is my implementation of ABC2 correct?

    I've only taken a quick look but it looks remarkably similar to @Einstein's woodcutter code (just edited to fit Mining) so I'd say it's close enough.
  13. Detect if an player is attacking you...

    private static boolean playerIsAttacking(RSPlayer player) { return player.isInteractingWithMe() && Combat.isUnderAttack(); } I use this, although I expect there's a better method. Combat#isUnderAttack is there to prevent being trolled w/ follows etc. It's also pretty buggy w/ mage and range so I'd look into a better alternative if you find the time.
  14. Extra threads and Starting a local script.

    From my limited knowledge of threads it's simple definition is just 'running another script within a script' i.e. you're running two things concurrently. If you put a load of calculations in your other thread that were cpu intensive then yes it will have an impact but like Encoded said, one http request will be negligible.
  15. Einstein's Bot Farm Manager

    Now I'm intrigued