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  1. Java.lang.NullPointerException

    Going to assume it's the interface causing the issues.
  2. Request a free script

  3. Request a free script

    I'm open to writing a script or two open source for the community / so my code can be reviewed. Post below with a script request, although I'll only accepting simple to intermediate scripts as I have other commitments too
  4. No Looking Glass Option

    Reply to me on Discord </3
  5. [GoldFarming] F2P Progressive Lobsters

    I wish my folders were as neat as yours :feels:
  6. [GoldFarming] F2P Progressive Lobsters

    It's to do with people not having sound drivers installed I believe.
  7. Why is TriBot better than every other available bot?

    More like 40 My code is 1337 anyway what u sayin handstand boy
  8. Introduction to Java [Tutorial]

    For someone like me who's only ever really learned how to script rather than bother to read into Java this was a very interesting read. Good job
  9. [P] Carlos2love Script Requests

    I'll write it for you. Just copy this into any IDE and compile it and you'll be gucci. if (canKillBandos()){ killBandos(); } else { bankFromBandos(); }
  10. Interesting read - Goodluck.
  11. Imagine graduating with a degree in computer science and still forgetting to capitalise your I's
  12. WYD 20th Birthday

  13. WYD 20th Birthday

    I'd rather no booty the fuck is that
  14. Hiring a private scripter [$200 budget]

    I don't think you'd be able to pay a scripter to shit on here for around the $200 mark
  15. [P] Scripter required for Herb script.