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  1. I just stopped updating the thread pal x
  2. Pls do not tag me in things that involve WYD. It offends me
  3. I like your 27m profit x
  4. People are made aware lmao. If you're retarded and can't read/research it's on you.. && People buy VIP - E for Proxies.
  5. LG is a feature that is still considered to be in Beta. Use the normal client if you don't like it, no issues there.
  6. Kid you've got a tribot advertisement on the tribot forum.. Sort ya self out
  7. FeelsBadMan
  8. Pretty sure it wasn't just the one guy. He created and sold the software.
  9. The repository system is automatic, did you upload the correct files?
  10. goldfarm

    Don't let dreams be dreams
  11. Ty big boy x
  12. Someone wants post count
  13. Yes please peasant
  14. There's only so much salt on all your posts because you're a fucking snail and people enjoy watching you burn.