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  1. HeyImJamie

    Client not working 100%

    There's a few issues remaining after today's RS Update. Hopefully another fix will be pushed soon.
  2. HeyImJamie

    Looking glass lagging so much

    You can just use guest. Just a suggestion, it'd be a lot quicker if you just experimented yourself than continue to ask questions.
  3. HeyImJamie

    Looking glass lagging so much

    You can only use osb with Tribot.
  4. Thanks for the detailed report. I'll take a look at these You can add me on Discord if you wish, my user is HeyImLit#3244.
  5. HeyImJamie

    looking glass

    You posted this yesterday. There was no need to post it again.
  6. HeyImJamie

    Bank pin system broken?

    Happens! Glad it's fixed.
  7. HeyImJamie's Private Script Shop Current Status: Taking Orders. HeyImLit#3244 Support - Your script will be given a 2 month warranty upon completion, which includes fixes for: Bugs, Tribot Updates & OSRS Updates. It does not include additions to the script. - Scripts will be delivered as soon as practically possible. I will endeavour to keep you updated throughout the creation process. - Additions can be added once the script has been completed, but an an extra cost. Additions requested during creation will also likely be charged, dependant on the complexity. Terms of Service - Payments will be handled through the Tribot Repository. - An account must be provided to create the script. - I will not be held responsible for bans occurred during development and / or after script completion. - The source code will not be included with the script, nor will it be for sale. - Payment must be made in full prior to development. Development on the script will not begin without this. - Once the script has been delivered, no refunds will be given. A refund can be given during development, with a reduction based on the time that has been invested. Contact To contact me with your request you can either: - PM me on the Forums. - Add my Discord: HeyImLit#3244 - Join my script support chat found in my signature and message me from there.
  8. HeyImJamie

    Bank pin system broken?

    I assume you're checking to see if the bank is open before calling that method?
  9. I'd added a fail safe on Death for quests like the Knight's sword to restock on food when it dies. This wasn't the intended reaction for Quests like Romeo & Juliet though . How has it died 5 times? The wizards?
  10. I'll run through it on an account later today and take a look. Apologies about that, Black Knight's is still in Beta Can you confirm that the Doors are called 'Sturdy door'?
  11. HeyImJamie

    My first method

    There are multiple frameworks you can use. For a script as simple as yours, you don't even really need a framework. You just need to re-order your logic. while (true) { if (Inventory.isFull()) bankRopes(); else grabRopes(); } private void bankRopes() { } private void grabRopes() { }
  12. The whole point is established scripters are leaving, and you'll be left with broken scripts.
  13. Do you think resources are free? This is a business. Making more money will fund more admins, such as Todd. More admins means more communication. Like I've said before, this should change with monthly auths. There's an incentive there to continue making updates (I'll expect a shit reply saying 'hurr hurr you sold lifetime, but you're an idiot if you were expecting the support to continue for multiple years) and the more effort that's put in, the more money that can be made. The issue with lifetime is that people don't have the time to continue updating anymore... As others have mentioned in separate threads, lifetime scripts were written when older scripters were at University and had the time. Now they've moved on to full time jobs, there's no incentive to keep updating scripts that have already made them the money. It's brutal, but that's life. Here's a question for everyone that complains: Would you give up your limited free time for no reason? And if the answer is yes, why have you not contributed?
  14. Wrong. This new pricing plan is giving newer scripters like Myself, @Einstein and @Naton the motivation to actually write scripts. Previously, a majority of the market was held by people who had sold lifetime auths years ago and the scripts have just remained working. With this new pricing plan, not only does it give newer scripters a good chance to get on the market, but people CAN and SHOULD dispute non working scripts, and if the scripts aren't working, I expect they will be removed from the Repository. Previously disputes were left down to the fact that the majority of users have received enough usage to cover the cost. Trilez has already begun removing some non-working scripts and I have no doubts that the amount will increase in the summer when monthly auths are brought in. Personally, I question why you, being a scripter, aren't motivated now more than ever.