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  1. As of current it only supports pre-defined equipment / spells, hence why it's banking the runes you've withdrawn. Once the remainder of the quest lines & skills are released (I'm currently working on Slayer), I'm looking to add custom preferences like these which will allow you to select a spell / equipment to use for the boss fights and so on.
  2. Apologies about that, I tested this prayer with a Level 3. I'll make it bank equipped items in the next update. Gertrude's cat is DaxWalker related, I'll try and report it to FALSkills or figure a work around. Ernest the Chicken I'm aware of and will be fixed in the next update, there's a backlog of fixes that have been delayed due to some upcoming updates I can't release yet.
  3. No it doesn't. You'll need to supply coins as well. There's nothing implemented in the script that would do this. The client handles bank pins so if it is ending, it'd be due to something else. Based on above I'm guessing it doesn't have sufficient coins?
  4. This was during training. I've now finished and have time to work on the script, hence the previous updates. If you have any issues, please report them I've not received any correspondence from you in a while as far as I can tell.
  5. Thanks for the above reports. I've just moved into a new flat, so as soon as my pc is moved and setup I'll be working through them. I'll post an update as soon as they're resolved.
  6. Could you please follow the format on the main thread? This isn’t enough information to pinpoint the bug as I’ve run agility numerous times without issue so I need to be directed to the actual lines of code it’s messing up.
  7. Can you fill out a full report as described on the main thread please? The information you’ve given me just relates to the walker so I can’t pinpoint your issue.
  8. Odd. I thought I fixed this issue in the last release, but I'll run another account through to be sure. As for Prayer, it's not currently supported but will be in upcoming versions.
  9. No problem! Sorry to hear about the death. They're not currently fully supported by the script, although progress is being made on this. On this occasion you'll need to complete the quest yourself. Did you happen to see what caused it to die so I can look at preventing it in the future?
  10. If agility is in the task list it will try to train agility. You can remove a task by either pressing delete on your keyboard or right clicking the task and clicking delete task.
  11. Ranged training, Slayer, Priest in Peril and Avas are all planned for release soon. From then on I’ll be implementing customisation for everything I can think of.
  12. Update 04/03/2020: - Waterfall Quest has been released. Bug Fixes - Disabling roofs now uses the updated method that checks for the hook, rather than checking the interface. - Ernest the Chicken should no longer get stuck at the Fountain.
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