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  1. The GUI only shows objects you are capable of building and I haven't added crystal saw support for that. It should show for you after 74 construction.
  2. Not really as my premium Quester has been discontinued. It should explain why it ended in the debug though.
  3. It's been reported and is being looked into.
  4. The script is experiencing issues due to daxwalker. In future, post a bug report / discuss with me and I can resolve your issues.
  5. There’s a lot of progress reports on my discord. Forums are generally only used to post bugs / complaints nowadays sadly.
  6. Refunded. Apologies I couldn't find the fix to the bug for you.
  7. Stopping and Starting isn't something I currently offer, or claim I offer. It should be able to run through the quests without dying. The screenshots and debugs you have provided don't generally relate to the bugs you've mentioned. The only thing I can spot is: [11:42:12] [NPC Interaction] Handling... [Glough sent me., Ka., Lu., Min.] but that seems correct.. With the information you have provided I'm not really any closer to locating the bug than I was before, so Fluffee will again need to decide an outcome. As your auth has expired and you had access to around 90% of the scripts functionality, for the sake of finishing this dispute I'm willing to offer a 50% refund of your initial auth -> 5 credits.
  8. You have access to the same script everyone else does. As it seems you’re unwilling to provide the requested bug reports and I’m not particularly willing without an admin request to offer a refund due to your previous comments towards me on the thread, I will request @Fluffee to decide on the outcome of this dispute.
  9. I've requested this multiple times now, but I'll post again just on the odd chance you've missed it. In order to resolve your issues, I need the following for each bug: Client Debug (Upload to Pastebin): Bot Debug (Upload to Pastebin): Script Stack Trace (Upload to Pastebin): Client Screenshot (Upload to Imgur): In regards to the screenshots / bugs you've mentioned, the pricing issue was fixed and was caused by RSBuddy changing their database. The dialogue on grand tree bugging is caused by something very niche which I'm yet unable to recreate as I've not received a full debug from you. I don't believe it's an exact issue with the code itself as it uses the same dialogue handler the rest of the quest uses: The final issue you've mentioned on Sea Slug has been fixed locally as another user kindly provided a bug report. Please provide the aforementioned bug reports to me in either a PM, or on this post, and I'll endeavour to fix them for you as quickly as possible. Thanks.
  10. The script is fine. If it wasn't, it would be removed from the repository and I'd be receiving a lot more complaints. As I'm sure I've mentioned previously, the script has over 10,000 lines of code so pinpointing issues without bug reports is virtually impossible. If you want me to resolve the issues you've mentioned, please post a report in the following format so that I can find them and amend them for you today: Client Screenshot: Client Debug (Post to pastebin): Bot Debug (Post to pastebin): Script Stack Trace (Post to pastebin): If you have any queries on how to get the above information, you can message me. Any further posts unrelated to this will be removed. Thanks.
  11. Please refer to my responses on your previous complaints that you have chosen to ignore.
  12. I am planning a rewrite for JAIOPrayer within the coming weeks, once I finish training. Current planned features include: - Automated host finding - GE support - Possibly progression, if requested. If there's other features you'd like to request, let me know and I'll see if I can add them!
  13. Seems odd. It generally spends at most 750k. Can you post a bug report as per requested on the main post so I can look into it for you?
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