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  1. You'll need to use the workaround client. Look at the big red bar at the top of the forums, it'll put you on the right track.
  2. Using looking glass doesn't make you unbannable. You're breaking the rules, expect to be banned.
  3. You can either use the above method which reads the login screen, or check the new account interface that shows days remaining
  4. I think I’ve replied to you in PM but that’s not an error / the error causing your problems. The CSS loads fine or your GUI wouldn’t load. Have you set the script up as per the front page?
  5. I’ll try and take a look after work. Can you get a stack trace for me and upload to pastebin then give me a link? Some interface ids must have updated
  6. You can quite easily make your own method if you want to search for action, although it's probably rather inefficient.
  7. Noted, I'll either make it buy a camelot teleport or a ring of dueling when I add GE support. For now as mentioned, wearing a ring of dueling will allow the script to get to the gnome agility course. You'll also need to wear a charged amulet of glory so it can return to draynor. Thanks both.
  8. Why bother with ternary operators when you can just return ring != null && clicking.click, nub.
  9. I always thought the API handled that. I'll put it into the suggestions list for when I work on the script
  10. Good stuff. Nice to see you slowly improving. I don't want to shit on your post too much as you're trying to help, but there's still lots that can be improved here. If you want me to post some advice let me know and I'll give you a few hints.
  11. It's a feature I can look into adding yeah.
  12. Yeah it does gloves until bodies, I don't really see the need for it to upgrade each time as you can begin crafting bodies at a relatively low level.
  13. Try looking at the big red banner at the top of the forum.
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