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  1. Walking is handled by DaxWalker, but I can try and fix some edge cases if you let me know where. Yes, but updates have been sparse recently. I'd like to begin adding more customisation options soon, as well as a few more quests.
  2. If you can add my Discord I can try and resolve the issues with you, if not I'll remove necromancy within the next 24 hours as I have no accounts to update it with.
  3. Necromancy won't be being fixed unless I can gain access to an account, so I'd agree with your decision not to purchase if you need that feature. I may remove it entirely.
  4. Without access to an account I cannot update the script. If another user can confirm its broken (I haven’t made an update to necromancy since release, and it was working), I’ll remove it from the script.
  5. It’s impossible to test a script on every setup, especially as this script allows you to change the order in which tasks are completed. I’ll look at implementing failsafes, but due to the nature of this script it’s not as simple as it may seem. If you want to assist with fixing the remaining bugs, feel free to PM me but I assure you I cannot find them all personally.
  6. You bought 200m on a fresh level 3 lmao, why do you think it got banned..
  7. I no longer have access to an account with Necromancy as it was added because of a user request. If you can loan me your account, I can take a look.
  8. In future, it would be appreciated if you could post a proper bug report so that I can resolve your issues. All accounts run through fine for me, so I'll need further information to iron out remaining bugs.
  9. setLoginBotState(false) would be a better alternative for you.
  10. I really need more information when you say the GUI won't load. Are you using a specific operating system? Is it throwing any errors into either debug? If it is, can you upload them to pastebin so I can read them.
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