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  1. If it stops after death, you haven't set your equipment. I think in a future update I'll automate this process, as it seems like it's a hard concept to grasp for a select few. In regards to the rest of your issues, I'm aware and fixes are pending.
  2. This will likely always be free. If you let me know what they're wearing, I can add it to the avoid list?
  3. I’ll take a look at this. Was anything in the debug? They’ve updated the dialogue, I’ll push a fix for this tomorrow after my night shift .
  4. I haven’t implemented anything that would prevent breaks, if that’s what you mean, although it’ll just log out wherever it’s at. I’ll be adding going to bank prior to breaking in the next update.
  5. HeyImJamie

    Loader not downloading?

    Refer to my post above.
  6. HeyImJamie

    Loader not downloading?

    Delete that loader and download the new one from: https://tribot.org/download.php
  7. Is this occuring all the time, or only when it teleports to the bank?
  8. Yes, it will. I'd suggest seriously thinking about if you want to bot a maxed main, though!
  9. My fault, an update will be pushed tonight for this when I return from work. Until I push the updated version, move Sharks above the Raw sharks in the bank and it’ll withdraw them fine.
  10. Update 10/09/2018. - Improved logout handling while avoiding a teleblock. - Script will now only top up prayer at the bank if it's lower than a random threshold - Script now generates a random area to idle based upon your selected revenants, and will attack revenants near that spawn in order to save aimlessly running around. - Script now leaves the worldhopping screen open, and will use the ingame hopper if certain criteria is met. - Other minor fixes.
  11. HeyImJamie


    I'm fairly certain it's just a hook issue with Clicking#click