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  1. Will you require the email accounts used to create the accounts aswell?
  2. This script is truly amazing, at first I could never do zulrah with my decent stats now I do her like a boss. Thanks to this script I can kill her without the help of the script I know I've always got it there if I'm bored and wanna see my k/h and more. Would defo recommend to anyone!
  3. Added you on Skype, I've checked the incoming connections and all seems to be fine but keeps doing it. I even removed all connections accepted and re-did it.
  4. [14:03:07] Script Started: |w| Zulrah Helper.[14:03:07] Welcome to Worthy Scripts. Zulrah Helper Initiated.[14:03:08] java.lang.NullPointerException[14:03:08] at javax.swing.ImageIcon.(Unknown Source) [14:03:08] at scripts.zulrahhelper.gui.ZulrahHelperGUI.(ZulrahHelperGUI.java:53) [14:03:08] at scripts.zulrahhelper.ZulrahHelper.a(ZulrahHelper.java:133)[14:03:08] at scripts.zulrahhelper.ZulrahHelper.run(ZulrahHelper.java:104)[14:03:08] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [14:03:08] Script Ended: |w| Zulrah Helper. When trying to run the script keep getting that error. I've restarted the client and everything. Any idea?
  5. agile4me

    Strange ban

    I got 2 major bans on one account today, but it was my own fault, I left it running for a total of 78 hours. Had an different ip on it to what I normally have for my accounts but only thing annoyed about is I forgot to transfer my gold (36mil) hahah gg that
  6. A good thing to start with is a daily jog, this is useful as can help with breathing and also is a good exercise to start off. Another thing if you're not happy with Gym buy some weights for home, get a weight bench and some weights always a good starting method.
  7. Your second method takes hours, I know I did that for 40 range, I would recommend using a cannon @ rock crabs, it would be quicker and more efficient. I don't believe there is a quest required to use it, I know there is one to buy it from the store though. If there is a quest required to use it, the quest takes like 5 minutes, it's simple and straight forward.
  8. You could of just edited your first post in order to add the additional information into there instead of making a new post.
  9. ^^ Although, it's not 100% that you won't get banned the only way not to get banned is play legit completely!
  10. Magic has yet to cost me any money, matter of fact it's made me and I'm at a reasonable level
  11. Well the question re-mains what do you want to train first on your account? Combat or skills?
  12. When superheating I kept having an issue for doing mithril bars, it would do an inventory and when going to bank it would now withdraw coal? It would withdraw 5 Mithril ores but no coal.
  13. Could you possibly add in that it will change worlds if it realizes that it's been transferred to a botting world? This would be better as well and more of an safe guard.
  14. There is always a chance an update may cause issues for scripts, it's a known fact. But thank you....
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