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  1. All im trying to do is get it to walk out of the edgeville bank towards the ladder to edgeville dungeon. http://imgur.com/S99q5Cc It walks to center tile fine but wont budge from it. Do i have to keep the windows open when i run the script? Do I have to add to complete? Do you have an example of a very simple one? So that I can try to follow the logic.
  2. I cannot get custom pathing to work at all, even as simple as moving away from the bank I can't get it to do. What am i doing wrong. To be clear I can't get this to work for taverly druids or edgeville
  3. Trusted users or middleman only Paying rsgp
  4. No they changed the worlds around
  5. Bot is back to hopping to deadman worlds. This needs fixed
  6. Are you fixing the world issue anytime soon? only 2 weeks per auth and bot has been unusable for a day