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Everything posted by mccabe1990

  1. Tested this out for a but with the cannon. Works great but it costs a bit to much atm I'll stick with attacking for now.
  2. 6 Hours a day x 1 day x random ban chance = random ban chance...............
  3. Anyone know when the clue update comes out in OSRS with new rewards?
  4. Nice man I might try the med scroll bot. Don't overwork tho
  5. Any news on update for buying items or the new script?
  6. What type of stats will we need for a medium clue solver?
  7. I never thought about that. Ill wait for the update then
  8. I had 2 accounts banned but was using other free scripts first to train the stats so would of been them. I'm hand training a account then will try again when I can be bothered buying all the items again lol
  9. Pickpocketing is faster if you are wearing full ham gear
  10. [01:01:50] Looking for text: Dance a jig by the entrance to the Fishing Guild. Equip an emerald ring, a sapphire amulet, and a bronze chain body. [01:01:50] Found Emote Clue: FISHING_GUILD_JIG [01:02:31] Script Ended: iClueSolver. I had this error and thought I missed buying some of the items but there just missing on the page you need to add those 3
  11. Nice that will save a lot of time It's a pain starting a new account I just got a new account set up will post a proggie later.
  12. Do you guys think thieving is faster than killing to get drops?
  13. You could just buy and equip the clothes before running the bot if you are pick pocketing
  14. The game just updated and the script I was using wont attack. Will that be fixed when the client updates are will it need to be fixed by the script writer?
  15. Thanks deleting the tribot folder fixed it wasn't sure how updates worked with tribot will know for the future
  16. It has done the emote clues on its own just a few get stuck and if you walk a tile it will finish it. got a 300k drop from clue just now will do a long run on the weekend and will post a screen
  17. When there is a emote clue scroll it will wear all the Armour go to the area to use a emote but just stands there. If I use the emote it carry's on normally. Happened at both emote scrolls I got. [23:01:58] Found Cryptic Clue: FALADOR_HOUSE_DRAWERS [23:03:09] Found clue scroll text interface. [23:03:09] Looking for text: Jump for joy at the beehives. Equip a desert shirt, green gnome robe bottoms and a steel axe. [23:03:09] Found Emote Clue: BEEHIVES_JUMP_FOR_JOY
  18. I Just bought it an hour ago I watched it fight the ham members and finish it's first scroll works good so far
  19. will try this out. Might buy this looks interesting
  20. How much is this making now hosting? Might try it if it's still profitable
  21. Can't wait ti see what you have in mind
  22. Testing the script now works great but when there are salmon at the area beside the bridge it will walk over grab one then walk back to main area instead of picking all the salmon there before heading back. Should make an option to just stay at the main area because a lot of people report you for botting when they watch you just walk back and forth between the 2 areas when you can just hide in the crowd that are fishing
  23. I wanted to buy the 2 day vip trial with my card with the change i had left in it but it says you can't buy less than 5 so why is there a option for the trial? I'm confused
  24. I'm just going to buy the vip+ for a month to test out a small bot farm.