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  1. Tested this out for a but with the cannon. Works great but it costs a bit to much atm I'll stick with attacking for now.
  2. 6 Hours a day x 1 day x random ban chance = random ban chance...............
  3. Anyone know when the clue update comes out in OSRS with new rewards?
  4. Nice man I might try the med scroll bot. Don't overwork tho
  5. Any news on update for buying items or the new script?
  6. What type of stats will we need for a medium clue solver?
  7. I never thought about that. Ill wait for the update then
  8. I had 2 accounts banned but was using other free scripts first to train the stats so would of been them. I'm hand training a account then will try again when I can be bothered buying all the items again lol
  9. Pickpocketing is faster if you are wearing full ham gear
  10. [01:01:50] Looking for text: Dance a jig by the entrance to the Fishing Guild. Equip an emerald ring, a sapphire amulet, and a bronze chain body. [01:01:50] Found Emote Clue: FISHING_GUILD_JIG [01:02:31] Script Ended: iClueSolver. I had this error and thought I missed buying some of the items but there just missing on the page you need to add those 3
  11. Nice that will save a lot of time It's a pain starting a new account I just got a new account set up will post a proggie later.
  12. Do you guys think thieving is faster than killing to get drops?
  13. You could just buy and equip the clothes before running the bot if you are pick pocketing
  14. Thanks deleting the tribot folder fixed it wasn't sure how updates worked with tribot will know for the future