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  1. TKEgold

    House Portal Finding issue.

    So the title basically explains the issue I'm having. Below is my code that I am currently using to "LeaveHouse" in my script. The script fails to find the INSIDE_HOUSE_PORTAL and leave the house. HelperMethods public static boolean clickObject(String option, RSObject... obj) { return Clicking.click(option, obj); } public static boolean walkPath(RSTile[] path) { if (Walking.walkPath(path) == true) { /** * TODO add your own wait time in mean and SD */ long waitTime = General.random(1500, 1900); /** * Timing.waitCondition() waits for the conditions active() method * to return true. * * It waits the length specified, here its waitTime */ if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { /* * (non-Javadoc) * * @see org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition#active() */ @Override public boolean active() { /** * returns true when the final tile in the path is on screen */ return path[path.length - 1].isOnScreen(); } }, waitTime)) { /** * When active in condition() returns true, * Timing.waitCondition() returns true as well */ return true; } } return false; } MainClass private boolean leaveHouse() { String leaveOption = "Enter"; //TODO Get the leave option here!! General.random(500, 1000); if(HelperMethods.walkPath(PathToPortalInHouse)){ if (HelperMethods.clickObject(leaveOption, Objects.find(15, HelperMethods.INSIDE_HOUSE_PORTAL_IDS))) { /** * How long it usually takes to leave the house */ long waitTime = General.randomSD(1000, 1500); //TODO add random wait times. /** * Waits until it leaves the house */ if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return HelperMethods.outsideHouse(); } }, waitTime)) { /** * Returns true if it left the house */ return true; } } return true; } return false; }
  2. TKEgold

    Interface question

    Appreciate the help and constructiveness of your response rather than you taunting the fact that I lack knowledge that you have. <3 I got it to work just simple type key. I am trying to fix the Walking.WalkPaths that i have as they fail frequently. Next looking into timing out mid path.
  3. TKEgold

    Interface question

    Trying this now, as NPCChat failed me.
  4. TKEgold

    Interface question

    Where do i get the Chat # from or how please :)? Just implemented it and am stuck with a null pointer exception First thing i want to point out is that this is an Object Interaction not an NPC. // Click the house portal to open the interface RSObject[] objOutsideHousePortal = Objects.find(3, OUTSIDE_PORTAL_ID); if(objOutsideHousePortal.length > 0) { Clicking.click(objOutsideHousePortal); General.random(700, 1200); String[] ChatOptions = NPCChat.getOptions(); General.random(700, 1200); if(ChatOptions[2] == option1 ) NPCChat.selectOption(option1, true); General.random(700, 900); Keyboard.typeSend(""); //house name Keyboard.pressEnter();
  5. TKEgold

    Interface question

    Where do i get the Chat # from or how please oh? and the the option. Thanks!
  6. TKEgold

    Interface question

    String option1 = "Go to a friend's house."; RSInterface enterHouseInterface = Interfaces.get(219, 0); if (HelperMethods.clickInterface(option1, enterHouseInterface)) { } Public class HelperMethods{ public static boolean clickInterface(String option, RSInterface clicking) { return Clicking.click(option, clicking); } } It clicks "Nevermind" the fourth option.
  7. TKEgold

    Interface question

    Soo I am new to developing using the Tribot API. I was wondering if I could get some pointers on the use of RSInterface. I am currently attempting to select the third option in out of 4 possible options via the dialog section of the "Chat Box". I have used interface explorers to fetch the, Master, Child, and component of the interface. How would i write in my code? I have done, String option = "EXAMPLE TEXT"; RSInterface ExampleInterface = Interfaces,get(MASTER, CHILD); Clicking.Click(option, ExampleInterface); This does not click the correct option.
  8. TKEgold

    Looking for a guide on Walking.

    Ty for the helps
  9. TKEgold

    Looking for a guide on Walking.

    Im also assuming that the Loader.jar contains the API?
  10. TKEgold

    Looking for a guide on Walking.

    <3 also, im assuming you need extended to get Local Script access?
  11. TKEgold

    Looking for a guide on Walking.

    Great, do you have any guide on webwalking that you recommend i study?
  12. Hey! I honestly have a list of questions. 1. Do i need VIP Extended in order to develop and run my own Local scripts? 2. I am looking for some help. I am trying to look for a guide on incorporating walking to a bank within my script. Is there any simple Open source scripts that incorporate bank walking that I can learn from? I am walking from Yanille bank to the House Portal.
  13. TKEgold

    Question What Classes?

    So, I am writing a script that needs to check players within a clan chat according to if they are a rank or friend. What Classes do i need to use in order to check the status of a player within a clan chat. as well as, joining and leaving a clan chat? I am not sure if these should be considered RS objects, or not, because they are not within the game window more of dealing with "Inventory". I am also going to implement private messaging as a form for the scripts to pass data information across them.
  14. Only got about 8 - 9 hours max runtime if it skipped all the breaks.
  15. I am currently doing a 5 hour run of the script. Things are not looking good. I am currently running the script as recommended in FULL AI and it has not been doing hardly anything. I'm telling you right now, you need to add the if logic to your AI to have it invest the entire cash stack. Right now It is leaving upwards of 80% of the cash stack in inventory during full AI mode.