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  1. So, I am writing a script that needs to check players within a clan chat according to if they are a rank or friend. What Classes do i need to use in order to check the status of a player within a clan chat. as well as, joining and leaving a clan chat? I am not sure if these should be considered RS objects, or not, because they are not within the game window more of dealing with "Inventory". I am also going to implement private messaging as a form for the scripts to pass data information across them.
  2. Last location before getting banned?: Grand Exchange Skill botted?: Item Flipping in GE Breaks or no?: Breaks ON If so how long?: 35 - 5 rand. Every 1:30 How long did you bot per day?: Did an evening run so, 7 hours ish. Banned before?: Yes Type of ban?: Macro Ban VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) YES, Sold by a moderator. Scripts Used?: Tau Grand Exchange Other Bots Used?: NONE How many bots at a time were being run?: ONE Date banned?: 8/24/16 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Account has been used for Months.
  3. Only got about 8 - 9 hours max runtime if it skipped all the breaks.
  4. I am currently doing a 5 hour run of the script. Things are not looking good. I am currently running the script as recommended in FULL AI and it has not been doing hardly anything. I'm telling you right now, you need to add the if logic to your AI to have it invest the entire cash stack. Right now It is leaving upwards of 80% of the cash stack in inventory during full AI mode.
  5. Do any of you know if there is a way to make sure that it uses as much of your cash stack as possible? because there are countless times where it just leaves 10m in my cash stack when it could buy more items.
  6. I added you on Skype but, no response yet.
  7. What about the Public methods of the script will you disclose those? Also, Check Skype.
  8. Request: I am interested in a 2007 runescape payed private script. Description: Please respond with Interest and the proper ranking and I will Direct Message it to you. Payment Amount: $120 Time: ASAP Additional: (The Script has to do with Combat.)
  9. Soo, swapping is still fair game?
  10. Is gold swapping allowed in the second season of seasonal deadman mode this year?