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  1. So the title basically explains the issue I'm having. Below is my code that I am currently using to "LeaveHouse" in my script. The script fails to find the INSIDE_HOUSE_PORTAL and leave the house. HelperMethods public static boolean clickObject(String option, RSObject... obj) { return Clicking.click(option, obj); } public static boolean walkPath(RSTile[] path) { if (Walking.walkPath(path) == true) { /** * TODO add your own wait time in mean and SD */ long waitTime = General.random(1500, 1900); /** * Timing.waitCondition() waits for the conditions active() method * to return true. * * It waits the length specified, here its waitTime */ if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { /* * (non-Javadoc) * * @see org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition#active() */ @Override public boolean active() { /** * returns true when the final tile in the path is on screen */ return path[path.length - 1].isOnScreen(); } }, waitTime)) { /** * When active in condition() returns true, * Timing.waitCondition() returns true as well */ return true; } } return false; } MainClass private boolean leaveHouse() { String leaveOption = "Enter"; //TODO Get the leave option here!! General.random(500, 1000); if(HelperMethods.walkPath(PathToPortalInHouse)){ if (HelperMethods.clickObject(leaveOption, Objects.find(15, HelperMethods.INSIDE_HOUSE_PORTAL_IDS))) { /** * How long it usually takes to leave the house */ long waitTime = General.randomSD(1000, 1500); //TODO add random wait times. /** * Waits until it leaves the house */ if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return HelperMethods.outsideHouse(); } }, waitTime)) { /** * Returns true if it left the house */ return true; } } return true; } return false; }
  2. Appreciate the help and constructiveness of your response rather than you taunting the fact that I lack knowledge that you have. <3 I got it to work just simple type key. I am trying to fix the Walking.WalkPaths that i have as they fail frequently. Next looking into timing out mid path.
  3. Trying this now, as NPCChat failed me.
  4. Where do i get the Chat # from or how please :)? Just implemented it and am stuck with a null pointer exception First thing i want to point out is that this is an Object Interaction not an NPC. // Click the house portal to open the interface RSObject[] objOutsideHousePortal = Objects.find(3, OUTSIDE_PORTAL_ID); if(objOutsideHousePortal.length > 0) { Clicking.click(objOutsideHousePortal); General.random(700, 1200); String[] ChatOptions = NPCChat.getOptions(); General.random(700, 1200); if(ChatOptions[2] == option1 ) NPCChat.selectOption(option1, true); General.random(700, 900); Keyboard.typeSend(""); //house name Keyboard.pressEnter();
  5. Where do i get the Chat # from or how please oh? and the the option. Thanks!
  6. String option1 = "Go to a friend's house."; RSInterface enterHouseInterface = Interfaces.get(219, 0); if (HelperMethods.clickInterface(option1, enterHouseInterface)) { } Public class HelperMethods{ public static boolean clickInterface(String option, RSInterface clicking) { return Clicking.click(option, clicking); } } It clicks "Nevermind" the fourth option.
  7. Soo I am new to developing using the Tribot API. I was wondering if I could get some pointers on the use of RSInterface. I am currently attempting to select the third option in out of 4 possible options via the dialog section of the "Chat Box". I have used interface explorers to fetch the, Master, Child, and component of the interface. How would i write in my code? I have done, String option = "EXAMPLE TEXT"; RSInterface ExampleInterface = Interfaces,get(MASTER, CHILD); Clicking.Click(option, ExampleInterface); This does not click the correct option.
  8. Can you please link me to where you find these studies? I want to read them all.
  9. Im also assuming that the Loader.jar contains the API?
  10. <3 also, im assuming you need extended to get Local Script access?
  11. Great, do you have any guide on webwalking that you recommend i study?
  12. Hey! I honestly have a list of questions. 1. Do i need VIP Extended in order to develop and run my own Local scripts? 2. I am looking for some help. I am trying to look for a guide on incorporating walking to a bank within my script. Is there any simple Open source scripts that incorporate bank walking that I can learn from? I am walking from Yanille bank to the House Portal.
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