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  1. Nah, I've never got banned for alching ever. Alched multiple 82/94s. Alch 6-8 hours sometimes.
  2. Would have to see your quests.
  3. 3.5M for 68 magic? What are you doing alching party hats?
  4. Hey everyone, looking to make 50+ accounts. I've been creating fake emails, then sending them through tut with a script, but it's getting tiresome. What's the best way to approach this? Tempted to pay some noob like 200k per account... lol Any better way to do this?
  6. Happy Birthday, bought your Magic script.
  7. Here are the cords from the PSU that I'M NOT USING. (4 Molex Power cables, 1 PCI-E cable, and 1 SATA cable) total not plugged in https://gyazo.com/a0a1ef2529e225819d6ba5b99ae02b0c
  8. @Duhstin I think my case has built in Standoffs. This is my case btw: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009GXZ8MM/?tag=pcpapi-20
  9. No. @TechnologyZ @Duhstin Sorry, what do you mean "jumping the green/black wire"? I didn't use the standoffs, perhaps this could be the problem. But I think my case has built in raised parts? Because I couldn't figure out how to install the standoffs correctly without raising the MOBO too high. Yes, they're in the correct spot I believe. I'll take a picture when I can, thanks! @wussupwussup Haha, the power switch is on
  10. I just "finished" building my first PC with the help of a couple TriBot members. However, it won't turn on. I've made sure the PSU is fully clipped into the motherboard, aswell as making sure the 8PIN is clipped in fully. I have quite a few cables from the PSU that aren't plugged in anywhere such as the PCI and a couple others, but I don't know if that's the issue or not, as I can't find anywhere to plug them in. I believe the front panel cords are plugged in the right spot aswell. Anyother ideas of why it won't turn on?
  11. Hey everyone, I'm working on building my own PC, however I know nothing about it. My case didn't come with a SSD carrier, so do I need to buy one? Also, if I buy a CPU cooler, do I just not install the cooler that came with the processor? Sorry for the idiotic questions, I truly don't know much about computers / building one.
  12. Rapid heal flick is working perfect for me, been running for over an hour.