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  1. any script to string amulets? cant seem to find a script to use ball of wool on amuet(u)....
  2. refund plz...
  3. bump
  4. never resold, never worry about reused IPs, legit, clean IPs
  5. bump
  6. yes
  7. Yes create accounts on the socks5 proxy, I know from personally experience.
  8. added prices for 50/75 ips
  9. I don't know if you know this but the varrock ESS miner messes up ever so often and u have to restart the script
  10. Once I get a good base of clients, I can offer better rates untill then, these of the prices. Im don't have hundreds of dollars to throw around.... Like others.
  11. I dont know where you was raised but my mother always said if you dont have anything nice to say "Don't FUCKING OPEN YOUR SHITTY ASS MOUTH" end quote no lies LOL Less ips = higher prices, more ips = lower price. like that anywhere
  12. bump
  13. I can offer better prices, once I get a good stable starter base. Not some big time company Just trying to make some extra money.
  14. Thats a good way too, but not every know can/knows how to do this. plus once you get ALOT of ips your ISP is going to ask question (atless my ISP does) I see other proxy ppl charge $2+ per proxy. I can do that too buy ALOT more headache x.x rather sell in bulk and much easier ;D please leave this topic for actually questions