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  1. all depends on script, location, account stats, how old your account is, how long you bot. etc
  2. WOW KNEW IT -.-
  3. THANK YOU BASED GOD rip @erickho123 nice try tho m8
  4. I officially quit life.
  5. not gonna lie it took me like 8 attempts
  6. go to this website: http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english Take the test a few times and take pictures and post here. IF ANYONE CAN BEAT ME I WILL KISS YOUR FEET. NO PHOTOSHOPPING PLS
  7. very nice:)
  8. try this script https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/978-tri-monk-trainer/ Works great for me! for some reason whenever i try the script you are using i cant get it to heal.
  9. I had an account that i botted 94 runecrafting on got 3 seperate "macroing minors" and 1 "bot busting moderate" was my first ever 07 account created, and all these bans happend within 2 months. Stopped botting on it because now it says "next time you commit this offence you will be permanently banned"
  10. If jagex goes that hard to figure out who is botting in that picture i will accept defeat.