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  1. domitan

    [P] POH Incense burner

    Request: Create an incense burner bot for POH's. Description: Every 2-2:30 minutes, it lights the incense burner and when the bot is down to 4 marrentil, it trades the specified player, and accepts the trade request. (doesnt matter what is traded). it avoids standing on certain spots on the floor. That's all i need. Payment Amount: $20-$100 depending on quality of script and ease of customization. Time: Preferably within a month. Additional: I can provide testing and basic information you require for creating the script.
  2. domitan

    [P] POH Incense burner

    the reasoning is when the bot is standing in the regions beside the altar, he's easy to accidentally click on. It'll be a minor disruption to training. just creature comforts...
  3. domitan

    [P] POH Incense burner

    not necessarily, what i mean by bad tiles is simply places i don't want the bot to stand. just no-no areas. that's it. i mean it's okay to walk/run through the area, but not to stand in.
  4. domitan

    [P] POH Incense burner

    update: positions change upon POH refreshing, yeah i'll need a 'specify bad tiles' function
  5. domitan

    [P] POH Incense burner

    not yet, but i will shortly.