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  1. Even with ABC2 and breakhandler the ban rate at Motherload is extremely high, be careful.
  2. Been running this script for a few hours, in the west location it tries to fight the hobgoblins which absolutely destroys my pure & his food source..
  3. heisenberg

    Please quit trying to force me to purchase VIP

    The free version of the bot is only a trial now, if you want to run scripts efficiently fork out the $8 a month.
  4. heisenberg

    Anyone have 10+ RC slaves?

    Is there a script that is released that allows me to do this? If yes then i'll be happy to arrange a deal with you.
  5. heisenberg

    Plan on botting for a few days...

    Personally what I do: I run a bot army's on 2 computer currently. On those 2 computers i have setup logmein so I'm able to login from my ipad mini where ever i am and able to do maintenance on my bots. I was able to go interstate and still be able to bot fine, just setup your break times correctly get a remote access program like the one i suggested and you will be fine
  6. heisenberg

    TRiBot Release 8.22_0

    Thanks! Great update.
  7. heisenberg

    We need YOUR help to solve the randoms!

    Drill working perfectly! Thanks!
  8. heisenberg

    Sleep outside main script class

    That is not even C++ lol
  9. heisenberg

    Constraints on scripts packaging

    By default, TRiBot requires the script itself to be in the 'scripts' package. While this is fine and creates a consistent pattern for all scripts, it causes a problem for other things. TRiBot automatically refreshes the script sitting inside the 'scripts' package upon execution for ease of development. So I won't have to restart TRiBot every time I make a change. However, the same cannot be said to any other class files outside or under a sub package of the 'scripts' package. For example consider the following package structure scripts MyScript.classscripts.utils Foo.classAny changes you make to MyScript.class will be detected by TRiBot, however the changes to Foo.class won't be detected until a restart of the bot. The following package structure won't work either. scripts MyScript.classutils Foo.classI have had other members suggesting that I use only one package ('scripts') and place everything inside it. This approach only worked for me once, but never again afterwards... The script I'm working currently has developed to a point where it is impossible to squish everything inside one class file. Please, hear my plea and address the problem Right now this issue strongly hinders the development of complex and robust scripts for TRiBot. Thank you.
  10. heisenberg

    USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    Just purchased this script - will post a proggy in a few hours
  11. heisenberg

    We need YOUR help to solve the randoms!

    princess frog (567)
  12. heisenberg

    how do i connect eclipse with friend?

    GIT is probably your best bet once my friend updates the script and saves it i can view it and edit it.