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  1. Even with ABC2 and breakhandler the ban rate at Motherload is extremely high, be careful.
  2. Probably has something to do with the fact that you're trying to ' sell ' a script or in this case a service which is open sourced all over other botting forums.
  3. Been running this script for a few hours, in the west location it tries to fight the hobgoblins which absolutely destroys my pure & his food source..
  4. Lol, you didn't make this script..
  5. VIP is paying to ugrade your client which goes towards Trilez allowing him to maintain & upgrade the bot.Premium script are what community scripters have created and are selling publiclyYou can still use free scripts which people have released however the ban rate is very highThe other alternative is to code your own scripts or hire someone to do so
  6. I got 14m I can sell, 1.30 usd / Mil
  7. Excellent, instantly setup great VPS currently running 4 bots on glass with the $25 package & not even using all the CPU / ram
  8. Premium scripts don't entitle you to the paid version of the bot. You buy the VIP version of the bot here which goes towards the development and updating of the tribot client made by @TRiLeZ You buy the Premium scripts to support the freelance coders in updating & creating scripts. Of course there is free scripts as well but the majority of the time these scripts and over used, have higher ban rates and in some cases are poorly coded. Educate yourself more with the VIP features & the amazing scripts already out there you would be surprised what you can accomplish in such little time using this bot. You should read more on the premium script threads before any. Inb4 you bot for 12 hours a day with no breaks and get banned. Rock crabs is a pretty shit spot for training combat due to how popular it is.
  9. The free version of the bot is only a trial now, if you want to run scripts efficiently fork out the $8 a month.
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