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ur so bunz

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    I play runescape, wow, hearthstone, and LoL

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  1. ur so bunz

    LG Wont Work

    ty bro
  2. ur so bunz

    LG Wont Work

    my LG was working just fine yesterday, tried to use it today and wont work, i have tried it all, osbuddy open nothing else, web browser rs open nothing else and the downloadable client by its self, then all 3 open and it wont find the rs browser it says. here is the error and the JDK i have installed which is 64 bit. https://gyazo.com/00203188bb78b34cd27b0ce8b44a044f https://gyazo.com/c30052057cc9954e34fc083aff954859 https://gyazo.com/e25828b31b67cee68af63d1075c65d9c wtf am i doing wrong.
  3. hopefully a good update will happen to make you choose your custom dream!