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ur so bunz

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  1. messes up on so many things, when it goes to the alter for bones it agressivly right clicks and cant click the bone, when firemaking its so obvious its a bot and it cuts down trees in the same spot at every account. so many bugs and i have had 5 accounts banned. I would like a refund since its so glitchy and unreliable.
  2. ur so bunz

    LG Wont Work

    my LG was working just fine yesterday, tried to use it today and wont work, i have tried it all, osbuddy open nothing else, web browser rs open nothing else and the downloadable client by its self, then all 3 open and it wont find the rs browser it says. here is the error and the JDK i have installed which is 64 bit. https://gyazo.com/00203188bb78b34cd27b0ce8b44a044f https://gyazo.com/c30052057cc9954e34fc083aff954859 https://gyazo.com/e25828b31b67cee68af63d1075c65d9c wtf am i doing wrong.
  3. Hey guys whats up. I have been playing runescape for about 7 years now and I have been on this forum on and off for a couple years now. I recently landed a job where I have the weeks off (during the week) so i have some time on my hands. I can skill anybodys account 07rs only. I charge VERY fair prices and i almost guarentee you i will beat any users quotes on this site. I will allow you to pay in increments depending on how trusted you are on here. Now what i do not do. I DO NOT train slayer,farming or hunter. I also have the right to DENY any request i get if i don't want to do it. TERMS OF SERVICE: You WILL NOT log into your account while i am training unless i give permission (i am very easy going with this). You will not be able to cancel your order for a refund after i have started the order. You will agree to pay me in increments of what we agree on. You will not change the password until i am done. contact me now for awesome deals and so i can get started! fill this out before contacting my skype: Skill: Level now: Level desired: Did you add me on skype? DO IT after posting on here thanks pb users and have a good day!! (first 3 orders are free SMALL orders that is)
  4. ur so bunz

    Ip question

    I did and thank you for your reply it was much help. I'm only trying to make a personal account so I think changing my ip should help. Am I wrong??
  5. ur so bunz

    Ip question

    I'm thinking doing tut island legit tonight and and get like 15hp and then I'm going to quest all this weekend and get some Mage then slowly get str and att botting. See if it works.
  6. ur so bunz

    Ip question

    Each time it was 2-3 accounts and botting combat for all of them. On that same ip I tried everything like breaks or taking days off or short quests and I think I was ip flagged. I want to know and I think I'm off the hook on this ip or I hope so
  7. ur so bunz

    Ip question

    So recently I have been banned multiple times on about 13 accounts. I tried changing my ip and I thought i did but it turns out I didnt. So I finally got onto my router settings lastnight and successfully have done it. Do you think I'm in the clear to start botting on this new ip and have a less chance of being banned? Thanks for your time
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