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  1. Didn't even think about that, thanks.
  2. I'm looking for a way to read the message on the welcome page. Ex. "Welcome to RuneScape", "Your account has been disabled..." etc. Anyone's got an idea?
  3. How would one go with walking long distances? As stated in the OP Dijkstra's is limited to the current loaded map.
  4. Only my own scripts and several different methods yes. I think it might be something in my way of scripting that's wrong. I've thought about my methods as well, but I've seen several people say they've got a potato picking account for over 24 hours, as well as suicide lobster fishing or oak chopping in f2p.
  5. How long do your suicide accounts last? Either member or f2p? I've heard several people say they last around 24 hours before being banned, while I can't pull off more than 6 hours. Not even on a clean IP with ABCL10.
  6. I have yet to start on it. Currently busy with some other things. Could you look up a youtube video or wiki guide that shows the most efficient way to do this? I only vaguely remember doing this once for kudos.
  7. Just sent a new one after reinstalling my Skype, it seemed to bug with sending requests..
  8. I can probably do this after the weekend.
  9. I've already tried adding him on Skype, but he hasn't accepted.
  10. Request: A couple ABC functions.Description: I've wrote the script. I'm just trying to figure out a couple Antiban methods for which I do not know how to effectively perform those. I don't need straight up code as much as someone who could answer a couple of my questions in private. Either way would work though.Payment Amount: I doubt this process would take more than 15 minutes in all honesty. Payment will be discussed in private.Time: As soon as you see fit.Additional: As this is a private script I won't allow just anyone to help me. I'm looking for a premium scripter (or a trusted Scripter) as to not leak the method or code. Hence the payment. Edit: I'm not looking for a life-time of updates kinda thing. I just wanna have a one-time view of how an experienced scripter would implement Antiban as none of the ABC2/ABCL10 scripts written by experienced scripters are open-source.
  11. Did you fill in the item limit? If it's at -1 the script won't work. You have to manually find the trade limits for every item.
  12. What would the hourly pay wage per account be?
  13. That's the reason I've been staying away from LG. I've never noticed my ban rates were too 'high' and hearing users and scripters complain about LG bugs doesn't really make it more tempting. That and if it doesn't reduce the banrate I'm just wasting an extra client which I could've ran another bot on. Although I might just run a couple tests in the near future to see for myself.
  14. Very true, although I was just wondering how many people have never used LG like myself, and possibly vice versa.
  15. You should make an option for I've never used LG.