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  1. @ObZ Congratulations on winning bro! I sent your credits!
  2. Added all of you guys so far Got you In! Good luck!
  3. Madbad you can't choose more than 1 number lol.
  4. Congratulations to ObZ http://gyazo.com/fac3b503a5b9b853f456cc6849e3201a Above is a screenshot of the Random Number Picker! Thanks for participating! Post a number 1-15It can't be the same as someone else.One number per person.When done, I will pick a random number.Roster:1. Tri2. RS06BotHein3. Trustmybet4. Flax5. ObZ6. iTryNotToTroll7. Madbad1238. brg669. Chuckaboo10. Mikeey11. ZumZod12. andrelis9713. c00l8414. idc15. yoyo0Good Luck Guys!Trying to help out the community!
  5. Added. Please contact me for payment./
  6. I say you contact Jagex bro. Thats crazy
  7. Have you recently fell to any phishing attacks?
  8. Bro, They couldn't have clocked on that fast. Had to of been a delayed ban
  9. Vaporizyr


    Just recently submitted mine.
  10. Just look at the Zybez Prices and then look at the charts and decide if it is good item to merch
  11. You can make 1m pretty fast. Do some staking
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