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  1. Hi. I'm trying to use this for karambwan, but does this not support banking in Zanaris and fishing at the north fishing spot of the southern part of karamja? (see image) I only get the option to fish at "Karamja Ship Yard" and it asks for "ring of dueling" to bank
  2. Hi, been using it and it seems to work great I was wondering though if it supports dragon harpoon special? (I might just be missing some option)
  3. Might have been my ignorance, but when using the hybrid/fletch option It does only go for the amount of wood it needs. This option also cuts one extra log that it keeps trying to fletch while burning the kindling already inside of the inventory (this one log is also not needed as without that one log u would already get the 500 points) gif: https://gyazo.com/528f13e0ea81fc7d506eb523aeabab87
  4. New code seems to be working without problems. I was however wondering if its possible to have the bot only cut x logs when going for the "idle at 500 points" option. I now get some games where I have 400 points and its fetching 15 logs but is out of food before I get to use them.
  5. Aaa, nice. Id does indeed do this. I moved the 1/3 slices to another row in my inv and it ate them.
  6. Hi, looks like its working fine for the most part, but when using cakes i'm having a small problem. Say I eat 2/3 of the cake and then have to bank: It will withdraw new cakes to but leave the 1/3 cake in my ivn. In and on itself this is not a problem, but then the script keeps ignoring the (old) 1/3 slices causing me to "run around" with 4 1/4 slices not being used and filling my inv.
  7. Hi, been using the script for a whopping 20 minutes now (I know...) and will probably use it a bit more but I find that when doing karambwans with banking at Zanaris it will walk to the same square each time while going to the bank and while going to the fairy ring (this while it's using the minimap to walk). Which to me seems kinda weird? Is it supposed to do this? and if so, is it possible to get a more "random" option?
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