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  1. Are you VIP? You must be VIP to run local scripts.
  2. roflmufffin

    Swamp lizards script.

    Haha last time I botted RS3 was quite a while ago, I've got no idea whats available. Probably shouldnt have recommended anything
  3. This is awesome, can't wait to see how you progress.
  4. roflmufffin

    Implementing resource won/resource lost

    The description it gives is pretty confusing. I see the point in the antiban though, no human would ever sit there trying to mine against someone else and fail everytime. In any case, I feel like it would be more beneficial to just say screw it to the 4 points and implement another strategy: If i'm constantly losing resources, I should probably move into a different area/subarea or world swap. If im mining and there are other people on my tile who are also mining, it would be pretty fair to say I have competition. At this point it would be wise to check my success/loss rate of harvestables to see if I'm the one losing in the equation.
  5. roflmufffin

    Implementing resource won/resource lost

    I'm referring to "Switching Resources Upon Too Many Players (ABCUtil.SWITCH_TRACKER.TOO_MANY_PLAYERS) It checks if the player wins when resources are contested and only mines a single one if there is too much competition.
  6. roflmufffin

    Implementing resource won/resource lost

    Yeah so basically check that the rock is depleted, and then confirm whether or not I received the resource?
  7. Does anyone have any good ways to implement the resource won/resource lost aspect of ABC? Do you just check if the node is harvested but you don't receive anything?
  8. roflmufffin

    Swamp lizards script.

    As much as it pains me to recommend them, you might want to go check out Powerbot. It is well known that TRiBot is an OSRS focused community. They might have some RS3 scripts that do what you need.
  9. Good luck on your java journey
  10. It took me a while to figure this out as well. Couldn't see any logical explanation as to why it wasn't working.
  11. roflmufffin

    Finding the ID of an Item in Inventory

    Check the ground before you pickup the item? This way you have the ID of it before it enters your inventory Monitor inventory changes? Keep a cache version of inventory, if amount of items increases, compare with cached version and see what new item is, run method.This method is obviously much less efficient than checking what the item is before you pick it up (so many array operations/checks ) EDIT: I'm also pretty new to Tribot so forgive me if there is already an inventory watcher/better way to do this. I'm also not sure if Inventory.getCount() works with no parameters. If it does, use that for the initial check. You can see it in action here. @Override public void run() { RSItem[] cachedItems = Inventory.getAll(); boolean checking = false; while (!checking){ RSItem[] newItems = Inventory.getAll(); if (newItems.length > cachedItems.length){ RSItem[] setDifference = arraySetDifference(newItems, cachedItems); if (setDifference.length > 0) { println("New Items picked up"); for (RSItem item : setDifference) { int id = item.getID(); switch (id) { case 371: // Do actions of ID 371. } } } cachedItems = newItems; } else if (newItems.length < cachedItems.length) cachedItems = newItems; sleep(100,200); } } private static RSItem[] arraySetDifference(RSItem[] array1, RSItem[] array2) { List<RSItem> s1List = new ArrayList<RSItem>(Arrays.asList(array1)); for (RSItem s : array2) { if (s1List.contains(s)) { s1List.remove(s); } else { s1List.add(s); } } return s1List.toArray(new RSItem[s1List.size()]); }
  12. roflmufffin

    Making an AIO Miner Without Using IDs

    Modified colours is definitely the way I'm doing it. Seems like the most reliable choice in regards to ID updates, if ore is there etc