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  1. I'm not trying to leach, but where is your location? My spot was giving me the same thing and i moved it to a certain tile and it stopped.
  2. There's a staircase in level 50 wildy with hill giants underneath. It's not listed but it's pretty hard to get to on low levels. Just camp for like 15 mins to lose agro then start hopping I got20+ phats here in the past 2 days, but im done. Phat prices tanked.
  3. Fuck lmfao, i hate waking up to see my bot in lumby with 3 phats. coulda had more in invi and died for them.
  4. Thank god for that "hopping clan" or whatever the fuck, lmfao. We're all in the hopping clan shhhhh.
  5. before you let your bot hop, chill at the spot for a few mins. if you see a lot of people hopping there switch locs.
  6. I've noticed while switching worlds, there will be a white line on the screen meaning that there was a rare in the previous world. Does it do this with yoyos or something? thanks
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