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  1. Yes! the door opening works, i havent tried the level up yet because all my new account have been banned so far ive lost a total of 20 accounts the last two days but ill get back to you on the update! Very good script by the way! but what i have noticed is running to the bank it actually runs to the side of the bank first rather then inside the doors.
  2. Hey bud, just tried out the script right now and im not sure if everyone gets this but within the first 2 minutes these problems occurred. - It doesn't open the door and it waits for another user to open the door to run to the wheel - When it levels up it spazes out and consecutively clicks in one spot(the door mostly) looking for the wheel. On the other hand! - I really enjoy how the interface/paint looks! its perfect! - when it runs to the stairs! very good! @xCode
  3. No I haven't, I feel like there really isn't hope in that script. Although don't get me wrong its second to best on flax scripts but there is a lot of things wrong with it. If you do make one please make one with these following things! - Just simply walking to the bank in lumby and pulling out flax and walking straight to the stairs and walking down, and then just simply clicking the spin wheel instead of walking to it and click it. and if the door is is close it opens it. - the paint or whatever you call it, please keep track of how many bows you've strung and how many left. how long its been running and how much xp youve earned and leveled. I'd appreciate very much thank you.
  4. I have tried all the scripts for flax spinning on TriBot, USA was one of the main ones i like but didnt function properly. The one i most enjoyed but its terrible because it can't even open the door is Jdoges flax spinner.
  5. Hello! I would greatly appreciate it if someone can create an actually working flax spinning bot for OSRS at lumbridge, all the ones i have used are quite frankly terrible. They are always spewing out numbers in the chat rather then spinning the bot. Standing outside of banks, go way slower than the other bots I use from different forums. If we can some how manage to create a new bot, I am willing to pay. Tribot by far in my opinion has the best client, but some of the most worst scripts. I checked all over the repository for a decent script and cannot find one. Please if you are a script writer i would greatly appreciate if you can do this for me. Again, I am willing to pay.
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