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  1. This. Does the log in issue include: *starts to type the user name half way (email username)* *moves down to password* *moves back up to username* *erases and starts over* *works the second time every time* ? Was going to start doing some debugging until i saw the posts here, maybe ill wait for trilez's updates Thanks for the updates
  2. Figured it out, thx for looking into it @Encoded , found the issue to be this. It always used to return the world without the "3" but i guess it's been updated since the release of 400 worlds. getWorld public static int getWorld() Gets the chosen world, without the '3' in front. Returns: int
  3. This is awkward, WorldHopper2 is actually your script, the only thing i changed was the name because I wasnt sure if i'd still be able to use the changeWorld method from the built in worldhopper. I've updated my code, thinking it could've been a logical error, but now through printing out the world, i can see the script print out w18, then hop into it, despite (nextWorld != 18) being in my if-statement. Here is an updated snippet, sorry if this turns out to be a dumb logical error on my end, i had this method working for months and just recently broke.
  4. I realize the worldhopper is broken, but i'm having a scripting related issue. Could anyone tell me why, with this snippet, my char still hops into world 45, 18, etc.? I manually log it into 44 and see it choose 45 from the list. WorldHopper2.class is paint based world hopper that someone posted on here earlier this year, I only use it to perform the actual hop action. I've debugged to the point of seeing the script go into "in if statement of hop worlds" so i know that the && statements work, but the bot will still hop into all of the worlds i have listed. Sorry i can only provide a screenshot and not a copy paste, the code is running on a VM. Im not the most advanced scripter, but I cant tell if its my mistake or if theres a class thats broken and i'm wasting my time debugging. Thanks for your help in advance
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