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  1. Can i use this to have 3-4 runners for my main account and manually craft on my main?
  2. Could you add it so that once your ether is charged with x amount of ether after killing so many revs, that it will uncharge the ether from the bracelet? The cost probably adds up when you die with all that ether.
  3. sdia


  4. sdia


    If your accounts are staying logged in after your proxy subscription is up, then yes, I would definitely suggest what you've said to be correct.
  5. Wow, I've been using the break handler wrong all this time and never realized.
  6. @Usa Does this script pickup looting bag?
  7. sdia


    Hahaa, thanks bud.
  8. Going to read over this tomorrow at Uni. Cheers.
  9. Other forums, not sure if it's allowed to be posted here.
  10. Sounds like chain ban from flagged ip or manual ban due to looking at trading logs.
  11. I Think they've done a little update to try catch some bots out, wouldn't risk logging in on my accounts at the moment.
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