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  1. I can complete mage arena 2 for you on your accounts I can also unlock the 3 spells outside of the arena for a fee. MANUALLY DONE BY HAND ✓ Price is negotiable depending on your stats I accept BTC/ETHER/07GP Contact me Via Skype: live:isaidnors Discord: sdia#9293
  2. Proxy

    If your accounts are staying logged in after your proxy subscription is up, then yes, I would definitely suggest what you've said to be correct.
  3. Break handler question with picture

    Wow, I've been using the break handler wrong all this time and never realized.
  4. @Usa Does this script pickup looting bag?
  5. Selling Proxies From Multiple Countries Such as: India China United States Ukraine Canada Germany Russia Nederland Pricing 2.5$ BTC / ETHER 3M 07 RSGP Can you do Thread GFX? Message me. Discord sdia#9293
  6. TRiLeZ's Scripting Tutorial

    Going to read over this tomorrow at Uni. Cheers.
  7. Other forums, not sure if it's allowed to be posted here.
  8. Yep! Definitely in support of this!
  9. Sounds like chain ban from flagged ip or manual ban due to looking at trading logs.
  10. I Think they've done a little update to try catch some bots out, wouldn't risk logging in on my accounts at the moment.
  11. He doesn't, take everything you read with a pinch of salt.
  12. Noticing that the script isn't refilling my blowpipe with scales anymore