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  1. Same here. I love all of the support on this issue so far!
  2. Yeah bot deposited all of my gear then didn't re-equip my pickaxe for some reason.
  3. Script won't use the spec weapon at all. I've messed with the settings a dozen times. (dds++). Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Not really no. I'm making another account now. I just want to test the script more than anything. I've been waiting for a Slayer bot forever. Overall I'm quite pleased with it. Thanks though.
  5. I'm aware. I didn't babysit when there are issues. I'm not blaming you just letting you know. Sorry I can't give you more info than that. I did 20-52 slayer on the dude before he was banned so that's not bad at all for how many issues there were with Tribot.
  6. It just says waiting for respawn but you have to go back up the rope and come back down to get it to spawn again. I'd post the debug were I to still have it. I figured it may have been a tribot issue but it's just the way that they spawn.
  7. It just sits at wall horror or w/e after the first kill. Sat there on and off for like 3-4 hours and I got hammered.
  8. Ridiculous how many obvious bots are there just farming scepters. all 44 thieving. I saw literally 50-100+ in one world. Not doing this shit on my main anymore. It used to be my go to
  9. It kept buying the gloves because they would buy as it was going to cancel the offer. And even though it banked the gloves it would put in another offer. Also, Are we able to adjust mouse speed/ afk timers or delays at all? Do I need to put in a script argument or am I just missing it in the Gui? even though I love it, speed running this many quests seems sketchy lol
  10. Script got stuck on Door "F" during ernest the chicken quest. it kept spam clicking the lever instead of trying to open the door (which was unlocked) luckily I caught it after like 5-10 mins so I should be good.
  11. I have user input on if that's what you're referring to. Ive set up several custom areas and havent made any changes im aware of. I deleted hooks.dat and tried through both LG and normal advanced client. i can use space to mark tiles but the text still says i need to click screen and doesnt register my clicks to save file.
  12. So Sulliuscep doesn't use d-axe spec and never uses the shortcut? I feel like that's super sketchy having the bot walk back through the swamp to go back when you don't have to. Also, @Einstein I can't save a custom area. It allows me to select the tiles but all it says is to click the screen to get focus and doesn't register my clicks on either the delete all tiles option or the save file. Am I missing something?
  13. I've been looking into buying a server so I Can run more accounts at once. Do you guys usually buy one online or locally? I'm still fairly new to the idea of having my own dedicated server. My computer already has 24gb of RAM. Any tips would be appreciated. Feel free to DM if you don't want to post here. Thanks!
  14. I'm looking for any decent blood rc script (without abyss). I'm willing to pay for private if need be but I'm primarily looking for a nudge in the correct direction if possible. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks
  15. I got script working finally. After I did I got 82-99 construction with it. Quality script. Thanks @Worthy
  16. Can I have a refund please? I've used this script before in the past many times but it just sits and spams "call servant" repetitively. completely unusable atm.
  17. I had to tinker around with this for a few hours. I have an arris two in one gateway. I tried ipconfig and shutting the modem off for up to 24 hours and it didnt change. Finally, i tried changing to bridged and back and that worked! Hopefully that helps someone!
  18. What's the point of blurring your rc but not total. Math's fairly easy
  19. Yeah I did salamanders and a bit of falconer got to like 60 and got banned only doing like 2 hours a day on my first account. Could just be bad luck but I don't like risking it lol. Also, I've seen people do that I've had a few bots go for a full 5 days and not get banned when the break handler was messed up. But botting a main is different than suicide botting a throw away.
  20. Safest way so yeah lol. Obviously have to do RC,Hunter,farming by hand those are usually an insta ban in my experience.
  21. My current main probably took like 2 months to max out combat and another 6 to skill. I've been super careful with him though. The other guys I couldn't say. I don't really pay attention to those I just put em on and leave em. Also, yeah I prefer tribot over other clients for sure. LG is a must imo. Many disagree though.
  22. I've botted 2k total twice now. one account got banned because I tried a few hours of hunter. did hunter by hand on this one. Also have gotten at least 30 99's on accounts for money making. have a few close to 100m xp in their skill.
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