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  1. This script has a lot of potential but it keeps getting stuck non stop. especially with the knights sword. I'd like a refund. Your light version is in no way a reflection of this script. I'd post a debug but all it is is a problem with the web walker after using glory to karamja. used up all my teleports and just stood there saying items are in inventory. scripts useless and probably a guaranteed ban at the moment. Please fix or refund me! or both!
  2. Many years ago I made a mith dragons script with this script. However, the changes made to it have made it 100x harder than it was back then. You used to be able to say walk to x tile (make sure doors open, if not, open it) walk to this tile, climb down ladder etc. only issues was putting in appropriate wait timers. This script is no where near as good. I'll toy around with it more when i get a chance but it doesn't look very good in comparison.
  3. How's this working atm? I need to train on my main for a couple lvls and I'm curious about the risk. I got maxed using this script 12 hrs a day like a year ago, not sure how it works now though.
  4. This is hands down my favorite bot. I've botted 99 on almost 4 accounts now without any ban. How do i get sig?
  5. No I've gotten two separate 2 day bans by ONLY using this script of my main. a year a part otherwise it would've been a perma. Either I'm just extremely unlucky and a mod happened upon me whilst botting, or they can tell when you're botting agility. The last time I used it it was only on for 2 hours before I got my 2nd ban too. Quite odd.
  6. How long would you guys say an average fresh account lasts with this script?
  7. The hopper has been working well for me (but I've just been testing out the free trial. Hm gp/hr difference is it usally w/ the petstle and mortar + looting bag working? --- correction, the hopper whenever another player comes doesn't work for me, the in game hopper does however.
  8. Cool, thanks for the reply. Also, is this script able to buy from shops? I don't see any interactions for NPC's when it comes to buying things
  9. Hey all, So I bought this script a several years ago whenever it came out initially (I believe it was on Rsbuddy?). I remember that I was able to make very intricate scripts to where I could use my own path to a secret spot to train/skill in privacy. My favorite one was (and I'd imagine Assume will remember this) the Mith dragon script I wrote. I was able to run it pretty much flawlessly for 12-20 hours at one point. Long story short. After reading all of these comments that have been going back and forth on the scripts adequacy. Are you still able to do combat efficiently with this script or is it just something that you can use for fletching/herblore? I'm sure that sounds dumb, but with the ban rate being as it is now in comparison to what it was, I'd imagine that you could understand my concern.
  10. So long story short, I've tried using several different proxies w/ the tribot client but a few accounts got banned due to using an unauthorized/unregistered client. I read a few forums about being able to use proxifier on a mac w/ multiple osbuddy instances (which I did) but, after looking at the proxy connection list it just kept saying java launcher with the same ip on all of them. So I assume that that hasn't been working. If I were to open up several Osbuddy (maybe runeloader) clients from my home ip, and then right clicking the tab that each one is on for different Ip's would that work the same or are they all loading off of my home Ip? One other quick question, if my proxy goes out/internet goes out etc. Is there anyway to have the connection/bot just stop if the current proxy I was using go out? Any and all help is appreciated, I've spent months trying to figure out how to use proxies on a mac but I just read some information that made me realize I've been looking in the wrong places. -Thanks
  11. Question about proxies

    No, so I took the same internet service just moved the wireless modem and router with me so it may have the same IP address (I only moved about 2 miles away from my “home IP” to my “apartment IP” with my roommate) I botted on other accounts that haven’t been caught botting/traded with my main months ago. But I interacted with his account in the past prior to him botting which then he eventually interacted with his bots form that account (not mine). The thing I’m worried about is that I did log in on my main account on our current IP and the old one (assuming that they changed when i moved the equipment and didn’t contact the provider telling them i did so). He botted on a different computer then interacted with his bots that lasted maybe two days and then switched them to a brand new proxy for some reason which got them instabanned. I’m concerned that they will flag our home ip because the proxy ended up instabanning them upon log in for notting (keep in mind he wasn’t using LG). I just don’t want my home IP to get flagged to where either I can’t play on my main on this Ip any more or that they’ll trace back that I traded w/ his main (the only one that interacted with the bots). Overall, different computer, same IP, my accounts never interacted with the banned accounts only his account he traded them with. He botted the two that were banned for less than 24 hours w/out LG and then once I got him a proxy so he didn’t have to bot on the home Ip he logged out, and then logged them back into the proxy IP like a dumbs which ended up in an insta ban for the both of them. At the moment his main is fine, but I don’t want to log into any of my accounts yet because of this..
  12. Question about proxies

    So, my roommate had been botting a few accounts on the home IP address. I’ve been using my main off of this IP for a while (I moved my internet w/ me to this new address along with the modems/router). I bought a proxy and he misunderstood when I told him to NOT log into the proxy w/ any accounts from the home IP AT LEAST and logged into the ones he’d been using here which got insta-banned. My question is, do you think my home IP will get flagged due to this even though there hasn’t been any sort of a macro major ban even at my old place (which I assume has the same ip even though I moved). Though, i did get two macro minors a while ago. My second question is: Do you think my main account will get banned even though I haven’t logged into it on this ip in a few days, nor botted it in a while? (His account main account hasn’t gotten banned yet, which he was trading w/ the insta banned ones on there but I’m assuming time make change that) Any feedback or precautionary steps I could take would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -Your friendly neighborhood spiderman
  13. Just saying it might be a helpful addition to add at least a list of the seeds/ item id's. The main thing that I'm concerned about (and this is crucial) is whether or not the script can recognize when it needs to execute a D output for Harambe.