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  1. Does this not support house tabs? It just kept clicking mine then clicked zulandra tele and sat talking to priestess
  2. Anyone want info (no guest accounts) pm me
  3. @Assume Hey have is there a way to trade? I'm trying to make a mule of sorts I'm assuming I would use the move mouse to x,y to have it trade after the trade interface is opened up? Also, I'm trying to figure out how to get it to work with the bank/ge interface as well to buy a list of items. But it asks for a parent Id. Could you fill me in as to what those are or where I can find what the parent ID would be for those particular interfaces? Thanks, ~ Dbozz
  4. No. I never use it like that. I do 5-8 on and 5-8 off roughly. I don't want to release my exact schedule but never longer than 8 It's worked wonders for me on the majority of my accounts no matter which script I use. aside from money making scripts. MLM I've found is a bit in the middle to where it doesn't make an absurd amount of money and there are so many people there that reports are slim to none.
  5. Another 2 accounts at 99 mining (totaling 6). friend got 3 off my break timer unless you guys are just terrible at scheduling a decent break timer, you have terrible luck. side note, how is amethyst mining? I wasn't aware that was a feature on here. Ban rates? success stories/fails? is it banking yet etc? Thx, d- bozz
  6. Osbuddy pro + LG question

    Awesome thanks for the info! Much appreciated!
  7. Osbuddy pro + LG question

    If all my LG's are running under same login info does that put me at higher risk for ban (As I assume it would)? I'm just curious if anyones had any issues with jagex linking bots to mains. I saw a post from 2 + years ago but i figured it'd be irrelevant by now. I'm playing it safe now and going back to guest on others but did login to 5 or so acc's I'd prefer not be linked to my main directly. Any info is appreciated! Thx, ~D bozz
  8. @xCode Have you considered putting in a feature for two ticking at the g altar? or say for instance i have rsbuddy pro, and I'm able to disable the bury option. It could just click the bones and then altar and it increases exp/hr by quite a lot. Another thought I had was a bone runner which would increase exp even more. Just some thoughts/suggestions.
  9. I've had this issue with death plateau for months. It gets stuck in the arms room before exiting to the ball room deal Also, now it gets stuck on banking on almost all quests. (I've done the restarts) Btw, I'm doing druid ritual, the first time it died so that could have something to do with it? but i start with cash in inv and it says it's withdrawing 4 items out of 7 or something around there. but doens't move at all.
  10. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Okay, yeah my buddy tested it for several runs and he got perm'd It was one of 3 scripts so not putting any blame on you just saying it's a potential factor. Anyways yeah there are plenty of updated guides for maxing xp they'll all show you the same method unless they're older. not only that it's way less mouse movement, which i assume is one of the methods used in jagex's "bot detection" deal that have going. And thanks for looking into it/adding update! looking forward to it.
  11. So far I've had amazing success with barbarian fishing on two accounts. went from about 50-90 on both. But need to pay for bonds some how. Anyone recommend barb fishing shark/just cage fishing lobs? or should i go a safer method outside fishing for now? I have trawler set on main but it doesn't seem like it's worth the risk atm.
  12. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Hey @Worthy Just wanted to give my 2 cents on your whole replacement of abc2 wait time to abc2 hover back early feature. The bot was decent before, still slow, (mind you i strictly use LG as should most). Now It's so slow and gets stuck so often on mahogany tables from its "anti-ban" features that I'm afraid to get banned. No one would sit in there house and train construction this slowly. ESPECIALLY not with the use of hotkeys. Also, I've done all the resets. I do them regularly to promote good performance on my 3 computers. so it isn't a quick update fix. Please rework this to where we're getting over at least 110k for mahogany tables (as im roughly 90-95k currently). It's honestly a waste of money, and I feel even more screwed over now than i did before your "update". Please fix/refund. No foul intent meant, I'm just extremely frustrated after hours of trying to fix it. if you have any questions let me know I can recreate and record if I've not already recorded what you need.