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  1. Yeah, I figured as much so that's understandable. And Will do. I'll just compile a list and send you all of them.
  2. I don't know if anyone else would care about this but I'll mention it anyways.I looted the Earth/law runes + noted coal from Trolls (normal ones by burthrope) and alched the black war hammers they dropped and in 1 trip I got an additional 33k from that alone. May help with profit/hr and wouldn't lose much if any xp because they're already being cannoned. Also, it seems to have missed a bunch of ranarrs from the range trolls the cannon killed, you could seem them on the ground but the bot didn't go for them (Which I assume is a safe guard/radius setting) Just throwing that out there. Edit: Also, it didn't protect from missiles while running to them for some reason.
  3. Actually, at Kalphites it doesn't even pick up Mith squares for some reason even with several inv spaces open. As for the runes, there are a few. A good example is at Wyrms. They drop a lot of Earth runes and if I manually pick them up (not being very attentive) while the bots running 1 trip will leave with 8-15k in earths alone. Also, they drop fires and the bot has fire runes in it's inv for alching. I'll delete my hooks etc again but I haven't had any other issues aside from that (which I just figured was configured in your looting algorithm). Either way, I appreciate your response and readiness to help. Mad respect.
  4. Also, @Ark. Why does it say that I don't have client of kourend completed? I do and it keeps skipping simple tasks? Edit: Also, it keeps buying like 10-18 monkfish even though I have 3k in my bank?
  5. Would you ever consider implementing the option to loot stack able items like runes? I've seen the bot pass up like 30k in runes because they drop in 250-600gp worth at a time so it won't loot it. It definitely adds up and I think it'd be pretty neat. Edit: Also, i've noticed it often doesn't high alch when it should. IE. Mith squares will be banked or a dragon dagger (600gp profit to alch) won't be banked but adamant 2h's will. I don't know if that's to prevent alching a spec weapon but it's kind of odd.
  6. Same here. I love all of the support on this issue so far!
  7. Yeah bot deposited all of my gear then didn't re-equip my pickaxe for some reason.
  8. Script won't use the spec weapon at all. I've messed with the settings a dozen times. (dds++). Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Not really no. I'm making another account now. I just want to test the script more than anything. I've been waiting for a Slayer bot forever. Overall I'm quite pleased with it. Thanks though.
  10. I'm aware. I didn't babysit when there are issues. I'm not blaming you just letting you know. Sorry I can't give you more info than that. I did 20-52 slayer on the dude before he was banned so that's not bad at all for how many issues there were with Tribot.
  11. It just says waiting for respawn but you have to go back up the rope and come back down to get it to spawn again. I'd post the debug were I to still have it. I figured it may have been a tribot issue but it's just the way that they spawn.
  12. It just sits at wall horror or w/e after the first kill. Sat there on and off for like 3-4 hours and I got hammered.
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