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slap nuts

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    Fast Cars, Faster Bikes, Loose women, Gym life.

    All of these things have in common?
    No matter witch one I'm doing..... I'm still botting, I'm still making money, I'm still selling to the same chinks I have been since 2k7.

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  1. Yeah, quite a few of us got hammered.
  2. I'll do it for you for free if you give me a vouch for doing it, Thinking about becoming a middle man.
  3. @1234oldschool isn't that some kind of diet pill that has an actual amphetimines dosage related to it lol?
  4. yohojo's is tried and true, and whats the difference in the small price difference, add 1 more account to your farm to make up the defficet
  5. PM me if you wanna exchange regimens or something.
  6. I have been lifting religiously since age 15, reaching my capped maximum at age 19. Personally when I used dbol I had sluggish side effects, after I finally decided to quit it, I've been on a strict whey/Adderall/creatine diet ever since, Its works wonders for me, But the one downfall to this is that about a year ago I dumped my bike cos some asshole thought he was goanna try and race me in daddys RX8 and lead me into either dumping or head on with a semi. When I was laid up for about 2 months everything I gained seemed to evaporate, and with the lack of Adderall to function with my extreme mass of testosterone output my body went through weird phases of not being able to sleep and feeling super human, overall I'd always recommend my current method then the dbol. Happy lifting. PS to anyone with age comments, read a men's health and fitness, It blatantly states that the ideal age for anabolic use is between adolescence of about 16-28, as the anabolic steroids can boost growth to an abnormal rate, witch above the maximum age range is detrimental to any further growth at that point.
  7. I woulda just did this for you lol, I always enjoyed puzzle boxes from clues and its the same thing lol.
  8. Meh I'll let butta handle this one....
  9. Add a lot more RAM to Java, however to run all scripts normally you would need to edit the script options in java to customize them to your setting witch may or may not be allowed because you basically have to break into the scripts source code/encryption to actually change the RAM allotment.
  10. all of our scripters would be poor if all their scripts came free with vip-e, Vip-e is more for someone running a gold farm, as it allows the use of proxies.
  11. Account selling almost always leads to scams, witch cause more problems then we want!
  12. Cant say you didn't know this, That's like making a big post about how x scripter can see x accounts info password/pin since you ran x script.
  13. @Butta common now you cant say that lol. I mean you know my operation muhahahaha
  14. @Butta ya, when I got emancipated and moved out on my own 10 years ago I think they got the picture I wanted nothing to do with them, They now live 3000 miles and 1800 miles away from me, life is good
  15. Its okay I don't need to be recognized for how great I am. Thanks tho butta lol