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  1. @Worthy If I set the bot to fill an empty space in inventory with one food but do not set it to use staminas it goes to Seers Village bank to get the one food, not to Catherby when using the charter method. That just doesn't make any sense imo and seems botlike. Could you fix it please
  2. I think trident protects over other items except like visage. But then again if you receive 3 visages which prot over trident it shouldn't mind
  3. After inputting the GUI and settings and hitting start the bot gets stuck to this and does nothing for a few minutes, then stops the script. E: I got the script to start after I tried it at clan wars bank. Didn't start when I was in catherby.
  4. Apparently botting 23hours straight on a fresh account wasn't wise at all because it was banned none of my other bots got banned though
  5. Small 21hour proggy. Account basically out of tutorial island, been botting since I got level 13 magic
  6. I'm not sure since I hadn't used it for months too. Nothing seemed to be off or too botlike though.
  7. Anyone else experiencing unbelievably high banrates on this script? After only four hours both of my accounts were banned It's weird since none of my other bots were banned
  8. What I'm trying to say is that tribot for some reason stops all my scripts on all my clients at the same time for no apparent reason. Happening to anyone else?
  9. Works perfect for me! Should I grind the scales or sell them as they are?
  10. Chainbans do occur. I have been botting for years though all on same ip addresses and never got a 100% legit account banned. So its rare but may happen.
  11. Ill have to try that. Yea cutting works fine for me too, getting 1400-1500 logs cut/h.
  12. Great bot works like a charm for me but theres a slight problem. The profit counter. I think it only counts like rune items it picks up (scims etc.) not coins, r arrows, or even bstaffs. I think you should look into that
  13. So what you are saying is that I probably lost hundreds of k's of drops due to a bug/flaw in the script? Sounds great, glad I ran it for 12 hours then...
  14. Is this bot working properly picking up items or do I just have the worst rng in human history? I have about 700 kills atm with this bot and NOT A SINGLE tzhaar drop. Only tokkuls and gems...
  15. Would also be interested if someone could confirm this working
  16. Just noticed the bot got stuck twice, first in Ge with the ge window open just hovering and left clicking a glory trying to equip it. Once I helped the bot by closing the window it equipped the glory and started teleing to edge and running back to ge to "buy equipments". Clue was jump for joy in the beehive while wearing desert top, steel axe and gnome boots I think. I didn't even have lvl 20 attack at that point so shouldn't it have dropped the clue anyways? Dropped the clue and restarted the bot and now its working fine.
  17. Allright thanks for the answer! Ill try it again in couple of days on a new acc
  18. Yes, and no. The bot stopped after couple of clues during the night cause it couldn't complete some step on the current one. So out of those 16hours I would say 6-8 the bot was on. And I legit trained the 15 thieving.
  19. Is this high banrate atm? Or is my vps flagged. Got banned in about 16 hours of using this, changed the clue getting method couple of times to make it seem less botlike. Other than that its a great script but yea sometimes it gets stuck at something like banking. Restarting the script works for those problems everytime for me atleast.
  20. How long would it take for you to train a single GDK account?
  21. Old pic, seen it before. Pretty accurate though