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  1. So I just rebought VIP like 5 days ago and when I go to Purchase VIP in the panel it shows that I at the moment have 26 days left on my VIP, but in the profile section it shows my account as registered. Also the Tribot client doesn't have looking glass option... E: I am an idiot and got it solved
  2. I dont know what happened but after I upgraded my gear the bot started messing up every single Zulrah pattern. At the moment I switch 4 items for mage (trident, top and bottom and book) and 3 for range (blowpipe, top and bottom). Before I used a three-way switch for both. Could this have caused it? I have tried restarting the bot and restarting the client but didn't work. EDIT: Three restarts later the problem seems to have fixed itself...
  3. So topic says it all, I'm buying all feathers 2.7ea. Send me a message here and I'll reply as soon as I can.
  4. hey i like ur usa bot can u tell me if the usa lava dragon recharge the trident when he have no charge left thanks

  5. @Worthy If I set the bot to fill an empty space in inventory with one food but do not set it to use staminas it goes to Seers Village bank to get the one food, not to Catherby when using the charter method. That just doesn't make any sense imo and seems botlike. Could you fix it please
  6. I think trident protects over other items except like visage. But then again if you receive 3 visages which prot over trident it shouldn't mind
  7. After inputting the GUI and settings and hitting start the bot gets stuck to this and does nothing for a few minutes, then stops the script. E: I got the script to start after I tried it at clan wars bank. Didn't start when I was in catherby.
  8. Apparently botting 23hours straight on a fresh account wasn't wise at all because it was banned none of my other bots got banned though
  9. Small 21hour proggy. Account basically out of tutorial island, been botting since I got level 13 magic
  10. I'm not sure since I hadn't used it for months too. Nothing seemed to be off or too botlike though.
  11. Anyone else experiencing unbelievably high banrates on this script? After only four hours both of my accounts were banned It's weird since none of my other bots were banned
  12. What I'm trying to say is that tribot for some reason stops all my scripts on all my clients at the same time for no apparent reason. Happening to anyone else?
  13. Works perfect for me! Should I grind the scales or sell them as they are?
  14. Chainbans do occur. I have been botting for years though all on same ip addresses and never got a 100% legit account banned. So its rare but may happen.
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