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  1. legitpure

    Looking Glass Issues

    I think im stuck on step 6.... I accidently cancelled the prompts and it wont pop up anymore
  2. legitpure

    Looking Glass Issues

    [13:03:22] TRiBot Release 9.305_0 loaded. (1.8.0_131:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\jre) [13:03:22] Loading human mouse movement data. [13:03:23] Successfully loaded human mouse data. [13:04:30] AGENT PATH: C:\Users\Val\AppData\Local\Temp\t1_agent_1093050000.jar [13:04:30] No RuneScape client was found. So basically everything was fine until I restarted my computer and for some reason my bot client can't find the rs client (osbuddy). I downloaded both JDK Java versions x86 and x64
  3. I just bought a proxy from myprivateproxy and it wont let me connect....typed in the details properly and everything.
  4. As soon as I hit 91 I get perma banned in under 30 minutes wtf?
  5. [16:33:53] USA Abyss Runecrafter: The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script. I have 3 instances and I was only running 1 at the moment
  6. just got banned again today ffffffffffffml please stop jagex
  7. just got banned again today ffffffffffffml please stop jagex
  8. Wouldn't mind if you stopped the script cuz we will soon make same gp p/h as ess miners if nats get any lower
  9. Wish you could fix where it get stuck "Exiting through Rift" when it's already in the altar , other than that works great.
  10. NATS CRASHING, Usa should turn off the script if it hits below 230ea so it can go back up